Thursday, October 1, 2009

San Diego Part 2

The rest of our trip was spent at Sea World and Lego Land. It was a lot of fun seeing the kids so excited about everything that we did and saw. I just love seeing my kids happy. All of them were so good. We really didn't even have any tantrums. Our only set back was that Collin managed to skin his knee every day that we were there. Not too bad!

Sophie's favorite part of the entire vacation was getting a toy! That is the whole reason she wanted to go on vacation. But after much prodding we were finally able to get her to tell us what she liked best (other than the toy). She said the dolphins. One reason we wanted to go to Sea World is as of right now Sophie wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up. It was priceless to see her face when she looked into the tank and saw the dolphins. I wish that I could have captured it ... but I was dealing with a screaming baby ... and even if I wasn't I am sure I still would have missed it. But there was so much excitement!

The dolphin kept splashing water over the wall of the tank and Sophie was giving it kisses.
And RRRR that stupid backpack. It is right in the middle of my cute pic.

Collin's favorite part of the trip was touching the rays. He really got into the hands on part of things. He also really liked touching and holding the star fish.

You were supposed to keep the star fish under the water so it could breathe, but the water was FREEZING. So cold it made you hands throb in a matter of seconds. So Collin kept lifting them out. I couldn't pass up just one picture of it in his hand!

Lego Land was fun too. The kids loved it. I was amazed at all of the characters made out of legos. They were incredible.

"HELP!" Collin is being eaten by a man eating shark!

Collin had fun posing for me with the lego guys.

I am not sure who is more scary. Collin or the dinosaur?

Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures at Lego Land. We spent most of our time riding rides. And despite what the pictures show, Ruby was with us on this vacation. She just managed to avoid the camera! Thanks Mom and Dad for a great vacation. We had so much fun and hope that you did too.


Tiff said...

I'm glad you had a fun vacation. I love your pictures. Collin is so photogenic.

Elyse Alexandria said...

That last picture of Collin is absolutely adorable. Your whole family is super cute :)