Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year ... a little wet ... but everyone had a great time. I find it funny that right now as I sit and write this it is nice outside. My kids are snuggled in their pajamas watching a Halloween movie. But when we were out trick or treating it was a raining ... well pouring actually. The kids were drenched. Our trick or treating was short ... but fun, and the kids still got a stash of candy that they have been eating non stop since we got home.

Halloween is one of my kids favorite holidays. We got our costumes months ago and they have been looking forward to the fun activities we would be doing as Halloween grew closer.

Our awesome neighborhood has a Halloween parade ... with cotton candy, rice krispy treats, and hot cocoa. The kid look forward to this every year.

We made some halloween crafts this year. Cats and bats. They turned out cute.

This morning I took the kids to Lagoon. We rode the rides one last time before they close for the season and we walked through the kids Halloween exhibits there. The kids think those are the best things ever. And I have to admit they are pretty cool! I am glad that we were able to make it there this year.

And of course we carved pumpkins. I was pretty proud of myself for gutting and carving 3 pumpkins all alone this year (Logan had to work). All the while taking pictures of the whole event. The kids chose what they wanted to carve on each of their pumpkins. And surprisingly Sophie actually gutted her pumpkin completely by herself. Shortly after that I was left to finish them up and the kids ran off to play. They turned out cute and the kids were really proud of their pumpkins.

I only wish that Logan would have been able to be here with us. We missed you babe!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

something he does ...

collin takes his toys that are of great importance to him
{they are always small and can fit in your hand}
and lines them up along the headboard of his bunk bed
so he can always find them
and so his little sis doesn't get them.
right now his lineup consists of:
finger skateboards, airplanes, cars, and a wallet

Friday, October 22, 2010

just like her momma

ruby has been doing a lot of this lately!
she always says "CHEEEEESE!" when she takes a picture

she tries to put that little pink strap over her head
i love that she even looks through the view finder instead of using the LCD screen

cute little photog in the making! {grin}

Thursday, October 21, 2010

pumpkin patch

The kids were dying to visit the pumpkin patch this year. They had such great memories of the fun they had last year. They could hardly wait ... and it was as much fun as they remembered it was. In fact we had so much fun we went back a couple days later.

::we took a tractor ride::

::we chose the perfect pumpkin::

::we buried ourselves in the corn box::

::we slid down slides ... both big and small::

::we jumped in the big blow up pumpkin::

::we smiled, and laughed, and giggled ... some of us cried::

::we took a train ride::

::we visited the farm animals::

::and we enjoyed the fall weather, our beautiful surroundings, and being with family::

{this post is part of You Capture -- Orange}


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More orchard

I thought it would be fun to take my kiddos all dressed up in their Halloween costumes to a nearby apple orchard for some fun shots. The kids loved running around, picking apples {even though I was constantly telling them not to} and posing for pictures. It was just what we all needed after a long day at home. I love these shots. There is nothing cuter that a peacock, and kitty, and a skeleton running about.

Collin and Ruby chased each other around this tree forever. They thought it was soOoo much fun! {and NO they didn't run this fast ... I couldn't figure out how to make it move any slower!}


We had so much fun ... we might need to make this tradition!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

i heart faces -- in the orchard

The theme for i heart faces this week is in the orchard. I LOVED this photo shoot. It kind of has a "Where the Wild Things Are" feel to it. My kids thought it was so much fun to run around this orchard all dressed in their Halloween costumes.

My older kids kept picking the apples off of the trees ... she had to settle for the rotten ones on the ground. She didn't mind.

More orchard pictures to come ...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Balloon Fiesta!

Over a year ago we planned a trip to Albuquerque with my parents to go to the Balloon Fiesta. When the time rolled around ... the flights were not looking so good. We were worried we wouldn't make it. But after a close watch, we decided to brave it {a day late} and give it a go. The kids were so excited and I was so glad when we made it on the flight. We didn't have to let the kids or my parents down.

We headed down to the ballon park the evening we got there for the Balloon Glow. Unfortunately, just as it was starting to get dark they had to take the balloons down because of a thunderstorm. So we didn't see much glowing ... but it was still so neat to see so many balloons up close. Later they had a fantastic firework show. It was the first firework show our kids have seen {other than in our driveway ... I know, we are so not cool. We usually make them go to bed long before the real shows begin!} and they LOVED it. If you ask Sophie about the Ballon Fiesta she will say, "We didn't get to see many balloons, but we sure had a great time at the firework show!" She really enjoyed them.

collin with the f-18 blow up

we lost sophie for a few minutes {totally gave me a heart attack} and found her here. She loves these photo ops!

i love, love, love this shot. i love how collin is the only one paying any attention to the camera.

right before they took them down.

The next day we took a trip to Santa Fe. On our drive we got to see this ...

... there were so many balloons. It was incredible. Definitely something worth seeing. I almost wished that we got up early to see the Dawn Patrol Show.

We had a good time in Santa Fe. We walked around the plaza, enjoyed the street vendors, visited the cathedrals, ate some mexican food, and look at every statue around. The kids really liked the statues, although I think their favorite parts of Santa Fe were the ice cream bars and our visit to the toy store.

cute kids! by this time ruby had lost it. she was soooOOoo tired.

It was a great little trip ... all except for the early flight home. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fantastic time. What great memories we made together!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

time away

Lately I have been feeling like the day to day things are wearing me down. I am tired ... and sometimes overwhelmed. My everyday responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, driving kids to and from school, bathing, reading stories, dealing with tantrums, etc. are all starting to wear on me. I wouldn't change my role by any means, but sometimes I need a break. I have been dreaming of a vacation without kids where I do nothing. I have no plans ... other than rest and relaxation. So when Logan asked me to tag along on a work conference at a very nice hotel, I jumped at the opportunity.

So I tagged along with Logan to a work conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado. It was fabulous. Logan spent all day at meetings and I spent all day doing nothing. Really! It was just what I needed.

Our hotel room was the nicest I have ever stayed in. It was the perfect place for lounging around and doing nothing!

Right outside our window was this beautiful view ... Fall is so pretty there.

And while I did a lot of this ...

I also treated myself to a swedish massage {my first ever!} and I lounged in their luxury waters. Ohh laa la! It was definitely as posh as it sounds.

When I wasn't reading my book {which was soOoo good} or pampering myself at the spa ... I was taking pictures ... it really was so beautiful.

I ate out ... and treated myself to some yummy gelato.

And every evening between 4 and 5 the hotel set out stuff for the guests to make s'mores. How could I pass that up!?!?

I got to to spend the evenings with Logan. We went to the dinners and socials that were put on by Jeppeson {the company who put on the conference}. They were incredible. The food was over the top ... and free! One night they had some birds of prey and a wolf. I got to stand next to the bald eagle. The bird trainer said he was intrigued with my hair ... I was worried he would reach out and grab it ... or my ear!

It was a great trip. Just what I needed. The only thing that would have made it better was if Logan got to join in the rest and relaxation with me! I am grateful I could go with him {thanks mom for so willingly watching my kids}. I totally missed my kids and returned a well rested, better mom.

logan, his boss, and a co-worker :: logan and jenn