Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Bump :: 24 Weeks

I just cannot help it! I am craving chocolate Creamies all. of. the. time. I can't get enough of them. On most day I eat two of them! I am trying to cut back. Really I am! My weight gain this past month has told me that I need to ... but I am sure that the baby likes them just as much as I do!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter this year was a fabulous day filled with family; fun; and thoughts of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The kids looked adorable dressed in their Easter clothes.

It was a beautiful Spring day {although a little chilly} and the kids enjoyed running around Grandma and Grandpa's house looking for eggs.

I love that Ruby has her snow boots on ... she insists upon wearing them all the time now.

After the kids found all the eggs, they came in and continued playing ... all but Ruby. She sat right down and got to work eating all of that candy she just worked so hard to get!

Happy Easter! I hope your holiday was just as enjoyable as ours!

crazy for coloring

The kids were dying to color eggs this year and have asked to do it for weeks. We finally got around to doing it and it did not disappoint. In years past it has always been a quick event ... throw all the eggs into the dye and we are done! Not this year. The kids were very into it.

The kids were so cute using their manners ... "please can I use the red!"

Sophie enjoyed coloring her eggs half one color and half another.

Ruby had never dyed eggs before and was a little unsure at first but soon figured it out. She LOVED it. I think all of her eggs were dunked in just about every color 2 or 3 times.

And by the end all of them were cracked!

The kids have been admiring their beautiful eggs for days ... they don't even want us to eat them! What fun!

Friday, April 22, 2011

blossoming sticks

They are finally here. I have been waiting and waiting for my trees to blossom. It finally happened ... and they are beautiful!

And with the blossoms come a promise ...

of warmer weather ...

and time spent outside ...

taking walks, riding bikes, and drawing with sidewalk chalk!

I can hardly wait!

Monday, April 18, 2011

slice of life

I don't know what it is lately. All of my pictures seem to be mostly of Ruby. It could be that she is ALWAYS around me {just like a little shadow}. Or it could be that she is the only one willing to sit still in front of the camera. Or it could be that I am trying to soak up every last minute of her being my baby. Whatever the reason, here is a slice of Ruby's life.

Ruby loves to play in her bedroom. And she loves to do puzzles. It is a common thing to hear her say "Mommy you play puzzles with me?" or "Ca Ca {Collin} you play puzzles with me?" It is always a treat to sit down with Ruby and play in her room.

{as you can see ... these pictures were taken before her binky was taken away!}

Saturday, April 9, 2011

No More ...

... Binky Baby!!

In preparation for the new baby Ruby needed to lose the binky. I have been dreading this. I think it may be the worst part of parenting. Taking away something that your child is so attached to is awful. Looking back it hasn't been all that bad. Only nap time has been a little rough. She refuses to nap unless I lay by her until she falls asleep ... which is a shame because she was taking 3 to 4 hour naps everyday.

To give up her binky I took Ruby to build a bear. She was so excited to choose out her very own "care bear" as she calls them. She chose her bear ... had it stuffed ... and was ready to pay! No need for clothes. As I payed for the bear I had her give the cashier her binky in return for the bear. She willing gave it up. I was so proud. However she is so smart. She knew there were more at home. As we were walking back to the car she said, "My B is gone. I need get nother one at home!" Little did she know I had thrown the other ones out before we left.

Now that the binky is gone Ruby talks and talks and talks. Especially in the car. I didn't realize how much it was keeping her from expressing herself. The other day I heard Collin say to her "I don't want to talk to you anymore!" She is talking our ears off. I love it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Bump :: 20 Weeks

weight gain so far: 19 lbs YIKES!

I am always hungry {could explain the 19 lbs!}

I crave sweets ... and pickles ... not together!

I am feeling great ... for the most part
{I still get tired easily and have some little pains here and there ... so far no intense pelvic pain like when I was pregnant with Ruby}

I have felt the baby move only a tiny bit
{I was starting to get concerned about this but learned at my ultrasound that my placenta in located in the front so I won't feel her little kicks nearly as much because of the placenta's thickness.}

I am feeling overwhelmed with all the preparations ... painting rooms, buying bunk beds, switching Ruby to a big girl bed, getting a new car seat ... the list could go on!

Studying up on hypnobirthing ... so excited for my first class!

My measurements at my ultra sound put my due date back 5 days later than what was originally calculated ... August 23rd instead of Aug 18th
{Starting to worry about not being home for the first day of school ... who will take pictures?!?! ... and send Collin off the Kindergarten?}

Ultra sound pics ...
{I was actually disappointed with the pics that we got. No super cute profiles ... oh well!}

And the gender reveal shot! Logan asked the tech not to tell us the sex but to let us guess based on the shot. Our little princess was being super wiggly the entire ultrasound until it was time to determine the sex. Then she decided to be a little shy. But when we got the shot, both Logan and I knew right away that it was a girl!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's a ....

BABY SISTER!!!! We are so excited and feel so blessed. The little princess is in perfect health and it was so fun to have another sneak peak of her! Both Logan and I were so surprised. We were convinced that she was a boy ... but can't wait to add some more pink to the mix!

We had so much fun revealing the gender ... even though I may have ruined the surprise not once but twice! After the ultra sound I came home and made some cupcakes to have at our gender reveal party! Well technically I made them the night before but ...

I did whip up some PINK frosting!

And I stuffed each cupcake full of a pink surprise! Collin may have snuck a peak of what color frosting I was using at this time. But I can't blame him ... we were all so anxious to find out if this baby was a boy or a girl. Or maybe the kids were just excited for cupcakes. We'll pretend it is the first! I spent the rest of the day trying to convince him it wasn't pink that he saw. He might have thought I was a little crazy!

Next I frosted the cupcakes white ... making sure that every last bit of pink was hidden and tucked safely inside!

Of course I had to try just one!

We took our parents out to dinner for the big surprise. When we got there I had everyone choose a boy or girl sticker to wear. This is where I kinda-sorta ruined the surprise again ... but it worked out okay. We made everybody wait until after dinner for the cupcakes. Then we passed them out ... counted to 3 ... and then everybody started to eat. My mom immediately ripped into hers and yelled "It's a GIRL!" I was a little nervous that Collin was going to be disappointed it wasn't a boy but he wasn't at all. I asked him how he felt about having another sister and he said " happy!" He is such a sweet boy who really does love his sisters.

It was such a fun day! Now onto the preparations ...