Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 24th

We spent the weekend of the 24th in Park City with Logan's mom. It was such a nice get away and so much fun.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • swimming ... our kids have turned into little fish! Even Ruby enjoyed hanging out in her water buddy.
  • shopping at the outlets with just my hubby ... probably just a highlight for me! But we were together and we actually got to hold hands! {grin}
  • relaxing
  • watching the ski jumping at the Olympic Park
logan and sophie {enjoying the show ... and the oreos}
sweet collin

the jumpers

my boys enjoying the jumping
collin was so into it

  • hanging out with cousins ... Logan's sister came up for the day on Saturday.
  • riding the Alpine slide ... the slide was a highlight. The wait was not!

sophie had a blast ... just look at her cute smile. and yes, she is riding with a complete stranger!
the wait was so long we didn't want to have to do 2 rounds.

  • more swimming ... did I mention our kids are fish!
  • riding the Gondola up the canyon
  • going on a Nature walk

what a cute family i have!!

the kids LOVED playing by this river
Logan's mom and i did NOT love getting bit by all the flies while they played in the river!

  • a yummy lunch in the mountains
  • and sleeping kids for the drive home!
It was a wonderful weekend. I love that we have so many places to get away to right close to home! Next weekend ... Bear Lake!

Pioneer Day Celebration

Our neighborhood rocks. It seriously is so fun ... we had the annual Pioneer Day parade and bbq a couple of weekends ago. Sophie and Collin had been looking forward to it for weeks ... it did not disappoint. We actually considered going out of town this weekend but knew that Sophie would have been so sad if we missed this event. It really is so much fun.

The kids spent almost the entire day prepping their bikes for the parade {washing and decorating}. And the parade this year ... was complete with a police escort and the Davis high drumline band. Our kids tend to be whiny bike riders and complain and say they can't do it for most of every ride we ever go on, but not this parade. It gives them so much motivation and they were right up at the front pedaling away. And ruby loved riding in the trailer.

The bbq is equally great! Good food, lots of great company, a fish pond, face painting, a candy cannon, cotton candy, and a giant water slide. What more could you need?!?! Collin and ruby loved just playing at the park and Sophie loved the water slide. It took her awhile to get into it but once she did she was having a blast. She went home in tears because it had to be put away. She even told Logan "This is the worst July ever!" She was so sad. Maybe we should get her a slip and slide ... but it's not quite the same.

Here is Sophie enjoying the water slide ... just look at that smile at the end. Love it!

Such a fun night!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

yesterday and today

Yesterday we had family pics. And Ruby cried through all of them. all. of. them. She was seriously so unhappy. Finally Logan called it quits. He knew it wasn't going to get any better ... just worse. I was hoping. Family pics are so stressful. I really wanted them to turn out. I thought she was just being a stinker ...
I was up all night long with her. Finally from 2:45 to 4:45 she slept without waking. At 6:30 we got up for the day. The screaming continued. Then she threw up. Poor girl.

She has been doing this all day ...

I left her on the couch for a few minutes and this is what I came back too. But really she has been sleeping all. day.

My dear Mother in law took the two older kids for the afternoon so I could rest. I love naps. It was nice. I am awake now and expecting them to be home soon. I miss them. With Ruby asleep and them gone the house is quiet. Almost too quiet. I feel like I should be getting something done, but I don't want to wake her. So I don't. Instead I am blogging! {grin}

Soon my Mom is coming to watch Ruby so we can go to a birthday party. I am looking forward to it. It is always fun to spend time with the oldest two without worrying about the baby. And I love watching them play and interacting with friends. What a blessing it is to live so close to family that is always so willing to help.

I will post our family pics {screaming baby and all} soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Princess Camp

To help ease some of the Summer boredom for Sophie, Logan and I signed her up for a Princess Camp. It was so cute and so much fun for Sophie to go to each day. She learned some good things there ... the qualities of a REAL Princess. And some fun things too ... how to curtsy, clap, and wave like a Princess. I think her most favorite day was spa day. Each girl got pampered at the spa ... hair, nails, glitter galore ... all in preparation to meet Prince Charming. OOHH LA LA!

Princess Sophie with the Queen

On the last day they had a Coronation Ceremony that we got to attend and watch Sophie be crowned a Princess. I was practically in tears as she introduced me to the Queen {her teacher} and brought me a rose ... and she couldn't let her grandma be left out so she brought her one too. Such a sweet girl she is. I love my little Princess!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

first cut

Ruby got her first hair cut last week. I was hesitant because I didn't want to cut off her cute curls, but at the same time I knew that it was time. So we had it done and it looks so cute ... and her curls are still there!

She did so good as long as the spray bottle wasn't involved ... she HATES water! Otherwise she just sat and watched her Elmo movie and ate her sucker. She sure is a cute girl!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dinosaur Park

Even though we celebrated Collin's birthday a day early, I still wanted to do something fun and special for him on his birthday. So in keeping with our party theme ... we went to Dinosaur Park. It was fun. Hot. But fun! I love spending time with my family.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Collin's Dinosaur Birthday

Collin wanted a dinosaur birthday party this year. It turned out really cute and the kids all had a great time.

The invitation

The party details
I hung up tons and tons of streamers and balloons. But the biggest hit was the dinosaur footprints that I hung all over the walls and sidewalk entering into our house. I ordered the cupcakes from a local bakery. They were cute ... but didn't taste the best.

The Birthday Boy!

Collin invited 3 of his cute little friends.

The party games.
We played "pin the tail on the donkey" with dinosaur bones (Collin was the only one that cheated ... but hey it's his birthday!) We played Extinction (musical chairs) and the kids got to be paleontologists. I gave them each some play dough and they had to find the dinosaurs inside.

Collin loved playing with the dinosaurs in the play dough!

We had presents ...

And cake!!
We also had ice cream and "swamp water"

It was such a fun party ... and Collin is proud to be 4!! I hope all his birthday wishes come true! Love you buddy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

For Collin

Dear Collin,

On Saturday you turned 4 years old. I can't believe what a big boy you are and how much you have grown and changed over the last year. You were so excited for your birthday ... and all you wanted was a case for your sunglasses. Just like Daddy's.

You are obsessed with crafts and projects. The day isn't complete without working on/completing at least one project. Most of the time they are projects you come up with on your own that involve crazy things like band-aid wrappers. But no matter the project you put your whole heart into it. You want it to be perfect. On occasion it doesn't turn out as you would like it to (because even though you are a perfectionist, you are still only 3 ... well now 4) and when this happens you get so upset. On some days mommy and daddy have to tell you no more projects because it is stressing you out too much.

Collin you are such a sweet, caring boy. You are always looking out for people. When we go on walks you can hardly take it when Sophie gets too far ahead or behind us. When we take just you to the store and you earn a treat for being good you always choose a treat for Sophie and Ruby too. Your sisters are your best friends and you would do anything for them. And you are always telling us that you love us.

You are a busy boy. You wake up early everyday. You no longer take naps ... unless you count the ones that you take on the couch. You like to swing on the swing set , play pretend, and ride your bike and your new scooter that you got for your birthday. You like to go places but you really are a boy who loves to be home. When we go to grandma's house it doesn't take very long before you start asking to go home. At home, when you aren't making crafts you are busy creating collections. The top of your dresser is full of various collections that you have created; rocks, papers, dinosaurs, trucks, and so much more!

You are such a smart guy. You know all your letters, and most of their sounds. You are always asking me to spell things for you. You are always telling us little facts about whatever it is you are interested in. Lately it has been dinosaurs.

I love you Collin. You are so special to our family. I love your smile, your laugh, your craziness, and your sweetness. I am so grateful for you.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

just because

i love this girl.
she is starting to climb everything.
yesterday she mastered the bunk bed ladder.
today she decided the table would be fun.
she sure is a cutie +
i {heart} her.

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4

The kids and I had a great 4th of July this year. We missed having Logan home with us, but we still had a lot of fun. We started out the morning with some holiday pics. However it didn't quite go as planned. But does it ever?!?!

I tried to get a pic of everyone together, but really only Collin would cooperate. Sophie wouldn't come outside because she said it was cold {grin} ... and Ruby kept pushing Collin away. Oh well!
So I snapped a few of Ruby ... who was loving that chair ...

After pics we headed to grandma's house to watch the parade ... or gather candy!

The kids had fun with their "pops" waiting for the parade to start ...

Collin was gearing up for the sirens that were WAY down the street ... silly boy!

Ruby LOVED the freedom to just run. And run she did. in the street. One of her favorite things!

And when she wasn't running, she was talking to the horses!

The kids LOVED the parade and came away from it with tons of candy!

We went back to my parents house and had some lunch and then I took the two older kids to the park while Ruby napped. Unfortunately though, we didn't make it to the park until just before they were closing things up ... so no face painting, or animal balloons. {so sad} The kids did get to bounce in a few bounce houses though which they always love.

Later that night we went to a neighborhood bbq. There was yummy food and good company. I love my neighborhood and am so grateful for the friends we have. The kids had a blast ... I barely even saw them.

Happy 4th of July!