Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am not sure what made Logan call Ruby "Queen Ruby" on this particular night. It could be that she was sitting on this rock like she was the Queen ... but more than likely it was because she is the Queen of our family. What ever she says goes! At least for now. I am sure she will have to give up her throne to the new baby girl before too long!

Don't you just love Summer nights?

Friday, June 24, 2011

day camp

There were 4 rules:
1. Have Fun!
2. NO whining or crying
3. Don't play in the fire
4. If you catch a squirrel, you have to name it Georgia!

We had a blast!
We roasted hotdogs, made s'mores {mmmmm} , played in the sand, and the kids even tried to catch a squirrel so they could name it Georgia! {grin}

Baby Bump :: 32 Weeks

Swelling. Worrying/Stressing. Excitement. Nesting. Heartburn. Relaxing. Waddling. Preparing. Shopping. Charlie Horses. Washing Tiny Clothes. Braxton Hicks Contractions. It's been a busy week. I feel so relieved to be this far along. I am ready to be done. Ready to meet you. Only 8 weeks left ... although I {hope} you will come sooner than that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures ...

... in feeding the ducks {greedy ducks as Sophie called them}

and exploring the world around us.

Tinker belle was there too! {although she didn't care much for the ducks ... she preferred pebbles instead}

At one point Sophie shouted that she saw a snake in this river and ran across it as fast as she could to get to safety. Then she decided she wanted to catch it and keep it as a pet ... but she couldn't find it again!

Thank goodness! I am not sure we would be good snake owners! {grin}

Monday, June 20, 2011


Summer is in full swing ... the kids are out of school, there is lots of free time, and already the kids are complaining of not having anything to do! Our days have been pretty low key {being 7 months pregnant will do that to you ... 8 weeks and 3 days left but who's counting! grin!} but we have been making good use of our Lagoon season passes. We {LOVE} them! And with the crazy weather we have had this summer our days at Lagoon have been perfect!

The kids take turns choosing what rides we go on ...
and we run {or waddle!} from one end of the park to the next over and over again!

Sophie would prefer to spend the entire day riding the {big} kid rides. Although she does still love some of the {little} kid rides too!

Collin isn't quite tall enough to ride the {big} kid rides ... but really wishes he was. He spends a lot of time with Ruby and I doing the {little} kids rides ... always wondering if Daddy and Sophie are back yet!

Ruby is a happy camper as long as she gets to ride the whales and the kitty cat round and round! She rode these boats for the first time on our last visit and thought they were pretty fun too!

No matter what we ride, we all have a great time! And sometimes we splurge and get ice cream ... what could be better than that. A day full of amusement park rides AND ice cream!

Every time we leave Ruby is begging us to go back! We {LOVE} summer and the time we get to spend together!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

up, down, up, down

I have been busy making a blanket and burp rags for the new little lady that will be arriving soon. {only 10 more weeks to go!!!} I love how they have turned out.

The whole process has been a lot of fun. I got to spend a whole day with my mom {because lets face it ... she is way more skilled at this then I am!} and then I have been working on them at other random times the past couple of weeks. Sophie keeps wondering when I am going to make hers. {uummm ... I made it almost 7 years ago sweetie!} and Ruby likes to sit by me giving me the 411 on the sewing machine "up, down, up, down, stop. do it again! up, down, up, down, up, stop!" Silly kids. I love that they are excited for their new little sister!

{picture taken with my phone}

Friday, June 3, 2011

For Sophie

You woke up today so excited that it was your last day of school,
yet so sad that you would be leaving your teacher.
It was a bittersweet day for sure.

You had a wonderful 1st grade year.
You learned so much
and grew up more than I could have imagined.
You said that your favorite part of 1st grade was your teacher.
Daddy asked you what you liked most about her, and you said ... "She likes fluffy things just like me!"
Your teacher loved bears ... and you loved that about her.
She was a perfect match for you!!

You became an excellent reader this year.
Your favorite author is Daisy Meadows ... you can't read enough about those silly fairies!
You often surprise your Daddy and I when you ask if you can stay up and read in your bed at night.

We came to your classroom today.
You were so excited to show us a movie of your 1st grade year
and the scrapbook that YOU had put together all on your own.
I LOVED looking through all of your treasured work.

I am so proud of you.
What a big accomplishment!
Yeah for finishing 1st grade and moving on to 2nd!
but for now HOORAY for Summer!

Love you!

Baby Bump :: 28 Weeks

I am so excited to meet you. I finished up my Hypnobirthing class and now I want to pack my bag and head to the hospital. I still have to wait though ... you are not finished growing and I am not ready for you yet. I seem to be so indecisive when it comes to buying things for you. I guess I just want everything to be perfect. I can feel you so much more now. I love every little kick and movement that you make. You are a stubborn one and only move when you want to. It seems like every time I have your Daddy feel my tummy you stop. Silly little baby!