Saturday, October 3, 2009

Does this bike make my van's butt look too big?

The minivan just got a whole lot cooler. However, don't try to drive over any kind of bump because the back will scrape like crazy. As newlyweds I wanted to get a dirt bike. I sold my last bike to buy Jenn a promise ring. Jenn said I couldn't get a bike until we had a baby, now we've got three so we figured I should at least have one bike. Its a 2007 KTM 450 sx. That's right ladies, this bike is all motocross, and you guessed it, it freakin rips. Now if I could find the time to ride it, I'd be in business.


Amber Jensen said...

A baby for a bike? Somehow I don't think the two compare!

T-Bird said...

Logan- You have finally made me proud. The way I see it, Jen owes you 3 depreciating assets.
Timmy Spice

Tiff said...

Sweet Ride!!