Monday, March 31, 2008

PINK Nails!

Sophie took on my bad habit of biting her nails--although I swear it is genetics:)  Anyway she bites her nails and Logan and I are always thinking of ways to get her to stop.  We bought this "No Bite" nail polish that works really well for me, however Sophie refuses to let me put it on because she says that it stings.  So the other day Logan got the idea that if she had PINK nails that she wouldn't bite them because she would think they were so pretty.  She loved the idea--the only problem was that I didn't have any nail polish, let alone any PINK nail polish.  So after patiently waiting much of the day Sophie finally got her pink nails.  She loves them and was so excited to have PINK nails.  I tried to take a picture of them, but none of them turned out, so you can just imagine her beautiful PINK nails with PINK rhinestones!  And I haven't seen her bite her nails since!

Friday, March 28, 2008

"No Wike It!"

Collin has a new favorite sentence. It is not one that I am too fond of, but I guess we all have to make do! He is constantly saying "No wike it!" He says it at every meal--even if it is his favorite, and just when he has had enough of things. He learned this wonderful 3 word sentence from his sister. She constasntly says it to him when he is torturing her! He is just getting to the age that he can fight back--justice might be served!

We went to see "Horton Hears a Who" today. Such a cute movie. The kids did so well and enjoyed their own boxes of popcorn and drinks. They were excited to be with grandma and loved all of the animals. Collin was too funny! Whenever he would hear someone laugh, he would give a great fake laugh just to be laughing too. It was fun to get out with the kids and my mom. I love that I can finally take the kids to do some of these older kids activities!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Festivities!

We had a great Easter this year!  We started off our celebrating on Saturday by dying Easter eggs.  The kids really enjoyed it.  I didn't think they would be too into it, but they had a blast--and our eggs lasted only seconds before they were all sorts of beautiful colors.

Sophie loved her PiNk egg.  It was quite traumatic for her when she learned that eggs break if you aren't careful with them!

"gReEn!"  Out of of the colors, Collin liked making the eggs green!

After Sophie's egg broke, she peeled it and ate it.  This was the first time she has ever tried an egg, and she loved it!  I was so proud of her for trying a new food.  Yeah!!

We woke up Easter morning discovering that the Easter bunny had visited our house.  Sophie and Collin had a good time discovering their baskets.  Sophie was especially pleased with her pink unicorn that the Easter bunny brought her.   Later that afternoon, we made visits to both sets of grandparents, where the kids were spoiled with egg hunts, cousins, and candy!  It was a really enjoyable day. 

This was our best attempt at getting Sophie and Collin's picture together.  I dream of having a good picture of the two of them together--I am not sure if that will ever come true!  The kids looked adorable!  Sophie had a PrInCEsS DrEsS that she picked out herself.  She saw it in a store window about a month ago and she just had to have it.  She wouldn't settle for any other one!

The egg hunt--"I got one!"

Collin got really into the egg hunt once he figured out what was going on.  He had a good eye for those eggs, or maybe he could smell the candy!  He seemed to be eating it ALL day.

Just a few good pictures that we took of Collin.  The camera loves him these days!

He is going to be a heat breaker one day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Girls Adventure

Yesterday after dropping Sophie off at preschool I heard on the radio that you could go meet and get your pictures taken with the Disney Princesses at The Energy Solutions Arena.  I was so excited.  I thought that Sophie would love this event.  I have been wanting to take her to the Disney Princess on Ice, but wasn't quite sure if it was worth it, or if she would enjoy it.  Anyway I decided that this would be a lot of fun for us.  So I grabbed her princess dresses and her camera and picked her up from school early and we went to meet the princesses.  There were a million little girls there just dying to meet them.  Sophie chose to wear her Sleeping Beauty dress, but was bummed that Sleeping beauty and Ariel didn't make an appearance.  However, Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle made an entrance by horse drawn carriage and then walked down the red carpet greeting the crowd.  Sophie loved the environment, but got a little overwhelmed when the Princesses arrived!  It was a lot of fun, and a special experience to share with my little girl!

When asked what Princesses she saw, all she can talk about is that Sleeping Beauty is still sleeping!

After seeing the Princesses, we went to lunch just the two of us at Arctic Circle.  Sophie got to have ice cream and run and play on the slides.  It was a great girls adventure!  

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Look What I Did Today...

Sophie and I (with the help of my dad) had a lot of fun planting peas in our garden today.  Sophie became quite the gardener and claimed most of the garden as hers.  Whenever we would get close to where she was working she would say "Get out of my garden!"--and all of the tools were "just my size."  She even planted her own set of peas (or as she likes to call them pink flowers) in a bowl to bring inside.  I doubt they will grow due to the fact that she gave them so much water they are swimming!  She keeps asking me about every hour if they are growing yet.  I am thinking about buying a pink flower and planting it in her bowl and telling her her flower grew.  She is so excited, and I just don't think hers is going to amount to anything.

The Park

The kids had a lot of fun sliding, running and climbing at the park today.  Here are some pictures of their good time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunny Day

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having lately.  It is such a nice change, and it is getting me more and more excited for Spring and Summer.  I have a hard time staying indoors when there is so much sunshine outside.  We had quite the day full of slides, balls, shovels, rakes, bikes, and bubbles.  It couldn't have been better.  I was able to get my garden all ready to plant.  It was so nice to get out and work in the yard.  I need to take advantage of this urge now, because I know that in a little while I will not enjoy the yard work quite as much--and it just isn't as enjoyable in the scorching heat! 

Also today we loaded the kids up and went on a bike ride.  It is so much fun to ride as a family.  It was a little chilly when you got going fast, but worth it.  I hope that this is something that we continue all through out the summer.  Sophie will now let Collin in the trailer with her without too much protest, so our biking future is looking better than it was last year.  

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hello! Hi!

Tonight Sophie was playing with Logan's phone, and we had her dial grandma's phone number and send the call.  Sophie thought it was the greatest.  She has never been a phone talker, but went crazy talking tonight.  She called all three of her grandma's and spent quite some time talking to each-or so we thought.  Later on, we got a call from Logan's grandma who said that she had got a message from Sophie saying that we were going to come visit her tomorrow.  She wanted to know if that was true so she would be sure to be at home!

Sophie picks up so much of our habits.  Unfortunately many of them are mine, however she obviously got her phone talking skills from Logan.  He paces all through out the house, and so did Sophie.  It was hilarous.  She just walked around talking about this and that and whatever she happened to notice in the house--the mess of videos on the floor, cake, what we were all wearing, etc.  You name it, she probably talked about it.  It was so funny and a whole new side of Sophie.  I think we have a phone talker on our hands.  It probably won't be long before she starts asking for her own phone!