Monday, April 23, 2012

the simple things

this weeks simple thing:

i couldn't resist snapping a shot of my baby girl sitting on the grass this week. the weather has been so nice, and we've been spending lots of time outside. she enjoyed munching on this stick that she found...and i just want to munch on her {grin}!!

zoo trip

During Spring break (way back when!!!) I scheduled a zoo trip with some friends.  The weather cooperated...its' warm one day and snowing the next here lately...and we all had a great time.  It has been a while since we have been to the zoo and the kids were eager to go and see and do!  They were especially happy to have friends to do it all with!  Some of the animals were really active and it was fun to see them out and about and moving around.  And of course you can't go to the zoo without riding the carousel.  Sophie was in heaven riding on the snow leopard!  That girls loves animals!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Logan had a long overnight (32 hours) in Calgary last week.  He asked me to come along and  I hesitantly agreed.  I hesitated because I was not ready to leave the baby yet, but she couldn't come along because she is the only one in our family without a passport.   But I knew she was in good hands, so I went for it!  And it was a blast.  I loved every minute that Logan and I spent together.  

We rented a car and drove to Banff, where we took in the beautiful scenery.    We walked up and down Banff avenue, had some lunch, did some window shopping, and then headed out for a little walk around a lake.  After our walk we went and soaked in the hot mineral pool.  I loved it.  I could have sat there all day soaking in the warm water and people watching!!  After the hot pool we took a drive to Lake Louise...a very very frozen Lake Louise before heading back to the hotel for an early flight back home the next morning.  It was a jammed packed day full of fun!!  Thanks babe for showing me a good time...Love you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lagoon via Instagram

We went to Lagoon for the first time this season on Saturday.  It was the perfect day...a little rainy so the park was pretty empty, but not too much rain to get in our way of having some fun!  The kids had a blast choosing what rides they wanted to go on.  Collin is thrilled that this year is is tall enough to ride most of the larger roller coasters.  I look forward to many more trips to Lagoon this season!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lyla, Month VII

To My Lyla,

Here we are at 7 months, and what a joy you are.  Your smile lights up any room.  One can't help but smile when they are around you.  You radiate happiness.  Your siblings find nothing more fun than to make you laugh.  Your giggle is contagious and is the best sound in the world.  You are well loved!

This month your first tooth popped through.  Although I have enjoyed that gummy smile of yours, I am looking forward to seeing that little tooth more and more as it grows in.  Teething was a little hard on you.  You became a little more clingy during the day, but it seemed to affect you the most at night.  It seems as though we took a few giant steps backwards when it comes to sleeping  You are now dependent on your swing for most naps...just like when you were a newborn.  And many nights you have been up late with mommy and daddy.  Sometimes we wonder if it is because you love the one on one attention you get after everyone else has gone to bed...who knows, but you seem to be on your way back to your old sleeping habits!

Also this month, you mastered the art of sitting up on your own.  The first couple of days I would look over at you sitting on the living room floor and I would just smile.  You are so cute sitting up so big like you have been doing it your whole life.  You love your new view and the way it lets you interact with your siblings and your toys!!

My favorite thing about you this month is your fascination with your tongue.  It is a rare occasion to see you when it isn't it isn't poking out of your mouth.  It really is the cutest thing ever!!  I also can't get enough of your talking.  You have the sweeting little voice that you are beginning to use more and more everyday.

Lyla you are perfect.  I love you to pieces.  Everyday I look at you and think to myself how lucky I am to be your mom.  I am so blessed.

Love you forever and always,
Your Mama

Friday, April 13, 2012


We celebrated Easter a little different this year.  Logan had to work on the actual holiday so we did the Easter bunny celebrating a couple days early.  The kids loved finding their baskets and all that was in them!  Then on Saturday, the kids and I spent the afternoon at my parents house eating a yummy dinner and hunting for eggs.  The kids love a good egg hunt.  Sophie and Collin are pros and found a ton of eggs.  Ruby was quite a bit slower and very carefully set each egg in her bucket so that they wouldn't break open and spill their precious contents!  Toward the end the big kids were bringing her eggs because they couldn't fit any more eggs in their own bucket!!!  Lyla enjoyed herself as well and LOVED the big kids buckets full of eggs.  She was constantly trying to get her hands on those eggs!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

someone got a haircut!

I almost shed a tear or two when they started cutting off all of his curls.  But he looks so handsome...and he loves it!  It's a fun change for now.

peep houses

I pinned these on pinterest and just had to make them.  The kids love decorating gingerbread houses and I thought they would like these as well.  I was right.  They decorated to their hearts content and then enjoyed munching on their houses the rest of the day!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

dying eggs

Easter is right around the corner.  It sort of snuck up on we have been doing our best to get some Easter fun in.  On Sunday during a session of General Conference, we dyed eggs.  The kids love it and go through a couple dozen eggs in only a matter of minutes.  This year I showed them how they could draw or write on their egg with the white crayon and that was a hit.  After the dying all the kids got cracking and ate several eggs each! 

a month in photos...March

March 2012

It has started feeling like Spring and we have spent several afternoons at the park
Ruby started ballet class and LOVES it
Lyla started sitting on her own
The Spring flowers in our front yard have bloomed
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some fun crafts
We took a trip to St. George and visited Zion National Park
Sophie sang in the choir at her schools talent show
The kids took dad to school one morning for Dad n' Donuts

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

St. George

A couple of weeks ago we took a road trip down to St. George.  It was such a great family vacation.  We all loved it!  Seriously one of our best vacations yet.  We didn't do anything too special...just spent time together as a family.  It was cold and wet most of the time but that didn't stop us!

Some highlight from the trip include:

  • An air show...with super winds and extreme dust.  
  • Sleeping in!!!
  • Swimming
  • Shopping at the outlets
  • Visiting the Brigham Young Winter Home

  • Visiting Zion National Park where we hiked ...

 and was so cold.  We definitely should have had our winter coats.

Also at Zions the kids completed a Jr. Ranger Handbook and earned a badge making them a Zion Junior Ranger.  They are pretty proud of their badges.

  • Watched Movies together
  • Played at the park
  • Ate at the Pizza Factory...the kids LOVE their breadsticks!

When our time was up, the kids and I drove home (Logan had to stay for work) sad to be leaving "the best vacation ever!!!" as stated by Sophie.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

the simple things

Kite Flying!

Dad stopped by the store and picked up a big red kite on his way home from work to surprise the kids with.  They were stoked.  We spent the afternoon in the wind trying to get this big red airplane to take flight.  It proved harder than we thought it would be but the kids still had a blast!