Sunday, August 29, 2010

i heart faces -- photojournalism

She blew out her candles one by one ... maybe hoping to get a wish for each one.
She deserves it!



My beach fun photo of Ruby made it in the top 10 last week at i heart faces. I am so thrilled! Yeah for cute babies!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sophie's Barbie Party

Sophie had a hard time deciding on a party theme this year. She was constantly changing it ... but ultimately decided on a Barbie party. It was cute and I think she liked it and had a lot of fun.

The invitation
{we also put on some sparkly jewels ... sophie wanted sparkle!!}

The party details

The birthday girl!
{each girl brought a barbie to play with ... this is the one that sophie wanted to bring ... so i let her open a present before her party! she was thrilled.}

The cute group of girls Sophie invited

We played "put the sunglasses on Barbie," had a pinata, and did Barbie makeovers complete with painted nails and sparkle blush for their cheeks.

Then we had cake ...

and each girl got to make their own ice cream sundae.

Then we opened presents and the girls all played with their Barbies. What a fun party ... to celebrate a fun girl. Happy Birthday Sophie.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Sophie

Dear Sophie,

Today you turn 6 years old. Six. {Although you have thought of yourself as already being six because we had your party last weekend!} I am not sure how you grew up so quickly ... the past six years have flown by. You fill our lives and our hearts with so much joy.

You have become quite the party planner over the past year. You don't see the need to have any special occasion to throw a party. You think that everyday is special ... why not party! This tends to stress your mommy out a bit, but Daddy always has it covered. He helps you plan and put on every party.

Right now you have an obsession with collections. Build-a-bear collections, Barbie collections, stuffed animal collections, and more. You are always looking for ways to build up your collections. Often times you make charts so you can earn things for your collections. And sometimes you are quite the schemer coming up with ways to get Daddy, Me, or Grandma to buy you things for your collections. And we can always be sure that you will have a special stuffed friend with you at all times ... right now it is you pillow pet that you got for your birthday. All of your collections have homes {that you made from boxes} that fill every corner of your room.

You are such a great big sister. You are still best friends with Collin. You guys do everything together. What a blessing it is that you have each other. You love Ruby too and keep a close eye on her, often telling me what she needs. Lately you have become a peace maker in our home and want everyone to be happy and satisfied. You are such a caring and sweet girl.

You keep us laughing all the time. You love to tell jokes {although they never make any sense!} Your favorite kind to tell are knock knock jokes. We spend many family dinners laughing at your jokes. We love to hear you laugh. You also say some things that make us smile every time you say them. Instead of "also" you say "alsly" and the latest is "It's not fair. It's not fair and square."

You love coloring, and crafting, the color pink, sparkly jewels, baby animals, and all things girly. While shopping with you yesterday you stopped at a jewelry store window and exclaimed "OoHhh Mommy ... look at that beautiful diamond!"

Sophie we love you soOooo much. I can't believe you are six. Sometimes I wish I could stop or push back time. But I can't ... so I'll continue watching you grow up before my very eyes loving every second that I get to share with you. You are one special, beautiful girl. We love you Sister Bear. Happy Birthday!


Monday, August 23, 2010

first grade

Today was Sophie's first day of 1st grade.
How can she be that big?

I could handle Kindergarten ... but first grade is a whole different story!
Actually it wasn't too hard this morning to let her go ... it is a short day and
she was so excited!
I hope she LOVED her first day of 1st grade!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

i heart faces -- Beach Fun

She wasn't so sure of the water at first ... but she soon loved it!
In fact, I didn't even put her in a swim suite
I thought there was no way she would even get wet.
Ha! Boy was I wrong.
By the end she was soaked.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Capture -- In the Kitchen

The kitchen :: probably the most used room in the house.

{here's what I captured this week}


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ward Campout

Last weekend we had our ward campout. It was kind of a last minute decision to go ... and we are glad we did. It was a lot of fun! Our kids aren't the biggest campers (we have only gone once before) but I think they had a good time ... for the most part. Sophie had her moments ... and Ruby spent a great deal of time in the car (the only place she felt truly comfortable).

As far as camping goes, ward campout are a great way to do it. You get to camp next to great friends, yummy desserts and breakfasts are provided for you, and there is a million things going on to keep the kids busy. Our first afternoon the kids (and Logan too) got involved in some water games ... battleship, balloon toss, and over/under with sponges! Too fun! There was also a treasure hunt that was a big hit as well.

For dinner that night we roasted some brats and hot dogs. Collin was a great assistant with the fire.

All the kids loved the tent. They especially loved the air mattress. It was all we could do to keep them from jumping on it. We must have asked them at least a million times ... but they still kept jumping on it. Kids will be kids, right?!?!

That night we has some yummy s'mores and bannana boats. Delicious! I love s'mores. The older kids played some Bingo and then it was time for bed.

After the kids were tucked in amidst their sleeping bags and blankets, Logan and I (along with some good friends) sat down and enjoyed the campfire. Before long it was time for us to go to sleep as well. I'll admit that sleeping wasn't the best. Probably better than last time, but still pretty bad. I was freezing and constantly worried about the kids. I guess I am not quite the same camper I once was. But we survived. It was funny how thrilled I was when the kids woke up that morning.

We enjoyed a great breakfast, packed up our stuff, and made some homemade ice cream before heading back home. It was a great campout. One we for sure will do again next year!

Monday, August 16, 2010

the last week ...

before school starts. UUGH!

I can hardly believe that next Monday I will be sending Sophie off to first grade. First grade ... going on college! I don't know how we are going to survive with her being gone ALL day. I will miss her sweet smiles and funny jokes. Collin is going to miss his best friend. And when I say miss, I mean go totally and completely crazy. He is so lost without her.

I was so excited for her to start Kindergarten ... but this I am not ready for. I hope she has a wonderful year. I just know she is going to ROCK first grade! Now I need go fit in a few more last minute fun things before its back to the nitty gritty!

i heart faces -- "got to wear shades"

this little guy LOVES his shades!
he looks pretty styling in them too.

Bear Lake 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Sophie and Collin LOVE their cousins. On Logan's side of the family they have a lot ... and they are all around their same ages. It makes for lots of fun ... and play ... and laughter ... and sometimes some craziness too! On my side though, the cousins are all a lot older than our kids ... which makes it a little different. But usually it is always just as much fun. They have a small group of girl cousins who just love to dote on them ... and Sophie and Collin eat it up! I am sure Ruby will in time too.

Last week they got to spend some time with some cousins that they don't get to see too often. And they loved it. They loved the attention that these sweet girls gave to them. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity for some pics.

Friday, August 6, 2010


the rainbow outside my house tonight

Took the kids for a walk tonight. It was so nice ... cool and breezy ... then the rain started. After the rain stopped the kids ran outside to play and found this beautiful rainbow. It was a complete arch ... right over my neighbors house.

I am loving the cooler weather we are having in the evening the past couple of nights.

I can't believe that it is August already. I am so NOT ready for the Summer to end. I have been doing some back to school shopping with the kids. It makes me sad. But I think that they are excited to go back. I just can't stand the thought of Sophie being gone all day. Yuck!

Sophie's birthday is coming up. It is all she can talk about. Or think about. I can't believe my first baby will be turning six. Sigh! I have been working on her invitations today ... every time she sees them she tells me they are beautiful.

The kids are in bed. Logan's at work. The house is quiet. I think I might just go have some ice cream!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bear Lake

We spent the weekend in Bear Lake ... another mini vacation you could call it. We had a lot of fun and definitely created some memories.

Highlights of Bear Lake:
  • swimming ... Oh my! The pool was was soOOoo warm. I LOVED it!
  • driving to the Minnetonka Cave only to have the wait be too long ... Sophie was so bummed. She wanted to see the fairy rooms. Maybe next time!
  • lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at a pizza place ... the kids LOVED the rides. I would bet we spent over $10 on them.
  • sailing with Grandma and Grandpa
  • the nap Ruby took after sailing!
  • more swimming
  • a walk to the KOA for popsicles ... yummy!
  • the beach ... followed by some deliciously yummy mini donuts and a cute puppy!
What a great weekend!

sophie traveling ' in style'


One of the major reasons we went to Bear Lake was to visit Grandma and Grandpa on their sail boat. The kids were so excited to sail. Although I can't say that they were all too impressed. Sophie lasted about 10 minutes and then retreated to the cabin to watch some movies. Ruby wanted to walk freely on the top of the boat without a life jacket. Frustrated by the fact that we wouldn't let her {and also by the fact that she was tired}, she screamed through most of our sail. Collin, however, did seem to enjoy himself. He sat up top the whole time with his sunglasses and some 'grade' {gatorade}! He even got to steer the boat ... with a little help from Grandpa.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for sharing your boat with us!


Hands down our most favorite day of our mini vacation was beach day! The kids had a ball. And so did we!

Ruby wasn't quite sure of the sand or water at first, but soon grew to love them. We didn't even put her in her swim suite because I thought there was no way she would get in ... boy was I wrong. By the end, she was soaked.

The kids splashed, buried themselves, swam, and ran around while Logan and I played a little frisbee. Good times!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Pics

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had some family pics taken. And Ruby screamed the. entire. time. So basically it was my worst nightmare. But I handled it well. In fact, it didn't really bother me at all. My pics are REAL. Real life. Captured. They are perfect.

We went a little early and I took the individual shots of my kids and then we met a good friend and neighbor and she took our family ones. I can't thank her enough.

the family:
{see the crying ... }

little miss ruby:
{okay ... she didn't cry through the individual shots. but she did through all the family shots!}

collin {i am so photogenic} curtis:

and the beautiful sophie j:

Now to decide which ones to print {sigh}!