Sunday, January 25, 2009

Your My Best Friend

OohHh Collin,
My sweet little boy -
everyday you are growing bigger
and more handsome
and more sweet.

Today you kept telling me
"Your my BEST friend."
I loved it.
It made me smile the first time
and the last.

And do you know what Collin?
You are my BEST friend too!

I love that we are always best friends.
I hope that it stays that way


Even when you are older and it is no longer cool to have your mom as your best friend
I hope that 


I will be your best friend still.

Here is to always being BEST friends!

Love you buddy,


She's SMiliNg!

And she couldn't be cuter!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Girl and Her Bear

sophie was lucky enough to go on "vacation" with her grandma polar bear (logan's mom).  They spent the night at a hotel, went swimming, and went to build-a-bear.  she had so much fun.  she is so in love with her new bear and wanted me to take her  picture with it.  she is my little one who never wants her picture taken and will never look at the camera, so i took advantage.  i love this girl and totally missed her while she was gone.  she is growing up before my eyes.  her bear is dressed in High School Musical clothes and has a Hannah Montana necklace on.  so funny.  i feel like i have a pre-teen on my hands! :)  love you soph!  and thanks grandma for a great time!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life With 3 Kids

Life with 3 kids is...

a good time
a little more messy
(who am I kidding, it is a lot more messy)
the most incredible experience ever

When I was pregnant with Ruby and people would find out she was baby #3, they would always comment on how hard the third is to add to the family.  Because of this I was a little nervous about what we were in for, but adding baby #3 has been our easiest yet.  I am sure it helps that Ruby is an angel baby.  Sophie and Collin have each other and are very patient with all of the feedings and other things that take my attention away from them.  Since Ruby has arrived, I feel like they have grown up so much.  I love all of my kids and am so grateful to have them and to be able to stay at home with them every day. 

These guys are the very best of friends.
Who knew this would ever happen? 
Sophie seriously hated Collin when he was born and wanted nothing to do with him until he was about 9 months old.
I love that they are so close
and I am glad that they have each other.

I {heart} this girl.
She is seriously the best baby.
I can't believe how big she is getting.

Ruby has even won over Sophie.
She adores her little sister
I hope that they will be very close too.
Sisters are the best.

Life with 3 kids is great!

Happy Birthday

to this handsome guy!

he turns 29 tomorrow
getting old

i hope that you have a great birthday babe
i love you like crazy
may all your birthday wishes come true