Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ruby and Tootsie

There isn't much that Ruby will eat these past couple of weeks. Being sick has really had its toll on her appetite. My little piggy has been turning her nose up to everything ... everything except tootsie pops. Nutritious I know! But she loves them.

And if they can get her to smile, then I am all for it. Tootsie pops for breakfast it is! I miss my happy little lady.

I was surprised when I saw that she could fit the entire sucker in her mouth. Such a cutie! Oh and don't try taking it away before she is finished ... you will pay for it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

fix it friday #45


It's Friday! I wish that I was super excited about the great things I had going on this weekend, but I'm not. My husband is out of town and my kids are STILL getting over being sick. I hope I survive.

Anyway, here is my fix this week.


Such a cute girl! I love her expression. And I love the beautiful sky behind her.

my edit

Here are my steps (as best as I can remember them!):
  • Cropped the image to a 5X7 with 300 ppi
  • I lightened the shadows by 65%
  • Use the clone tool set at 30% opacity under her eyes and then set it to 50% to work on her elbows.
  • Dodged the whites of her eyes just a little
  • Created 2 adjustment layers. I set the bottom one on screen (very low opacity) and the top one set on softlight (around 25-50% opacity)
  • Then lighted the photo some using a levels adjustment.
  • I then worked with the reds in the hue/saturation to take out some of the red in her skin.
  • Then I ran Coffee Shops Perfect Portrait (to give it a slight color pop and to smooth out her skin)
  • Then I ran Coffee Shops Tea Party action (with the color pop set very low and the hazy turned off)
  • And last but not least I sharpened it!
I am sure this is not the most effective way to edit a photo - but it worked for me, and I really like the way it turned out!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i heart faces - "Hands on Fun"

Every once in a while i heart faces likes to shake things up a bit ... this is one of those times. The focus this week is on the hands.

My girl has become quite the daddy's girl lately. She can't get enough of him ... and who could blame her, he is pretty great. Every time she needs me she starts off by saying "Daddy - err mommy!" They certainly have a special bond. One that I am grateful for.


We have been battling sickness this week here at our house. Poor Collin has croup and nearly lost his voice. He has been talking so sweetly and quietly. I think he is almost over it. Which is good. However, Ruby got sick yesterday with something else (I'll spare the details) ... and I haven't been feeling 100% either. It has been a long week. Full of napping, crying, and whining. I can't blame them.

So today while Sophie and Logan went to church the "sickies" stayed home. We napped, and fed ourselves goldfish. It was nice.

Ruby loves sitting on the couch ... until she decided she wants the camera.

"Hey mom, give me that. I want that"

I even had Collin try to persuade her with the goldfish to sit back down (so I could take more pics), but she was not having it. She wanted that camera.

I hope this week is better. I hope Sophie escapes the "yuck" in the air and remains healthy. I hate when my kids are sick.

Friday, February 19, 2010

fix it friday #44

I haven't participated in fix it friday over at i heart faces in a long time ... life gets busy. But I thought I would today. After all, it is always fun to work with a photo that someone else took.


my edit

I love the way it turned out. After lightening up the shadows I used CofeeShops "sun kissed" action followed up with "little perk". I just recently figured out how to install actions ... took me forever ... and I LOVE them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

from across the room

At 14 1/2 months Ruby has taken the leap. She is walking around like a little drunk sailor ... a cute one. This wasn't a milestone I was really looking forward to, but now that it has happened I love it. I love watching her progress each day. I love how happy she gets to be walking. I love how happy Sophie and Collin get to see her grow up.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Month of Love

Happy Valentines Day!

I am so grateful for my 4 valentines. They make me smile everyday and bring so much joy to my life. Love you Logan, Sophie, Collin, and Ruby!



Update on our Valentines (for my memory):
Valentines was perfect this year. We had a nice quiet evening at home. We fed the kids an early dinner, put them in their pajamas, and put on a movie. Logan and I then sat down to a romantic dinner for two. We had new york steak and cheese fondue. Yummy! It was fun eating just the two of us ... but the meal did end with 2 kids at our table snacking on our fondue bread! After the kids were in bed we exchanged gifts and sat down to watch a fun movie about love called Paper Heart. It was a perfect evening. Love you babe!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

San Fran

Usually about once a month Logan invites me to go on one of his long overnights that he has for work. Sometimes they are to small towns that I have never heard of or desired to go to, and other times they are to some place exciting and fun. Most often I turn him down. It always seems so difficult to go. Taking the kids is too hard on them and me for such a short amount of time, and leaving them here always seems like too much ... finding someone to watch them, packing up all of their stuff, and writing up a schedule of their day (naps, mealtimes, etc ... I am a schedule freak). But occasionally I do go. And it is always worth it, and I always have fun. And I always wonder why I don't do it more. This last overnight was no exception. I met Logan in San Francisco and we had a blast.

We walked and walked and walked some more. Our legs were dead tired by the end of the day, but it was so worth it. We did some shopping, but spent most of our day in China Town. It ended up that the day we were there was Chinese New Year. The streets were just packed with people and vendors. It was neat to just walk the streets and just take in everything around you.

After Chinatown, we walked some more. This time to Coit Tower.

coit tower and
the cute little stairs that lead to the massive amount of stairs to coit tower

After the tower, we made our way down to the pier to visit my friends the sea lions ... because a visit to San Francisco isn't complete without a visit to them. But the majority of them were busy swimming and catching fish and doing the things they do ... you know. There were still a few of them to watch sleep and argue with each other though, so that was good. I seriously love them!

Then we had dinner (at an over priced restaurant ... and we wished we had eaten at the In N Out that was across the street ... but it was still nice) and made our way back to the hotel. We watched a little TV and went to bed.

We woke up super early and I was home by 9 am ... back to the life of tantrums, dirty diapers, bottles, and picking kids up from school. It was good to have a break. And Logan and I seriously had such a good time together. Thanks babe. And thanks mom for watching the kids so I could go.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The Valentines are made and ready to go!
The kids are soOooo excited!
Bring on the holiday!


Monday, February 8, 2010

i heart faces - We ♥ kisses

There's a whole lot of
going on here!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Painting Popcorn!

Paint Popcorn? Yup, that is what we did ... for our craft and snack the other day. I saw the idea here and I couldn't resist giving it a try. And it was a hit! The kids loved it and sat contentedly painting their popcorn for over an hour.

It was super easy ... I already had everything I needed.

milk, food coloring, and popcorn of course! That was it ... oh and paintbrushes!

Our palette ...

some of our painted popcorn ...

Of course, we had to eat some popcorn while we painted ... working hard makes you hungry!

Do you think she is having a good time?

Collin couldn't resist the colored milk ... and I couldn't resist the colored milk mustache! He is still asking for colored milk.

Lots of fun!! I will admit though that painting the popcorn with the colored milk did make it soggy. The kids didn't seem to mind though! Originally it was done with sweet evaporated milk (I didn't have any of that ... so plain old regular milk it was for us!) ... but I wonder if that would have made the popcorn less soggy. I tend to think it wouldn't matter, but I am sure it would give it a sweet little twist! Anyway ... a good time for sure.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Capture - Faces

Sometimes I say that my kids have multiple personality disorder.
Especially Collin.

He can go from this ...

to this ...

in a matter of seconds. This is an attempt to replicate his angry face. This in no way does it justice. And this face is always accompanied by a screaming "IT'S YOUR FAULT!"

Good thing there is some of this thrown in there too ...

And being so dang cute doesn't hurt either!
Man I love this boy.



Here at the Phipps house we all have a little bit of Spring fever. Luckily though we have had some beautiful weather and the kids have been able to get out of the house some ... riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, and the park. It has been so nice. But in between outings, we still feel cooped up inside the house. And a little bored. Yesterday I was so tired. Logan was nice enough to let me take a nap. It was wonderful. But that is off subject ... so anyway when I woke up, Logan and the kids were building this fort.

It was big ... and perfect for taking away some of the winter boredom.

It sort of resembled a circus tent. And the kids loved that about it.

The kids immediately got out their sleeping bags to make it nice and cozy ... and they may have begged to sleep inside their fort that night more than once.

Forts are good for being silly and just relaxing. Do kids really relax? I'm not sure. But a fort is good for that sort of thing.

Forts are a good place to share a sweet little treat. A Valentine treat. In this picture they are reading what each of their valentine hearts says. I wish I could remember just what they were saying ... but I can't. It was cute though.

Overall forts are a GREAT time ... that is until your baby sister decides she wants in on the action too.
Notice Sophie trying to block Ruby out with her legs!

Forts are not nearly as fun when you are forced to let your baby sister inside ... at least to Sophie they aren't! She was in complete panic mode. But to baby sister ... forts are pretty great!

The fort didn't last too much longer due to the fact that Sophie was about to have a melt down ... but it was fun while it lasted. A good break to a long winter afternoon!