Thursday, October 30, 2008

(Pre)Halloween Activities!

Sophie is in LOVE with Halloween.  She has been looking forward for this holiday for months.  It has been fun to join in her excitement. 

We started our celebrating with 
a HaUnTeD hOuSe

It wasn't much of a masterpiece
the kids had fun 

Dad had more fun decorating 

* * *

Next we carved PUMPKINS
Sophie and Collin wanted to carve theirs to look like

Sophie now has huge eyes with 3 BIG teeth!

Sophie cleaned out her pumpkin seed by seed
she decided it was too slimy

Collin didn't mind the slimy goop!
He is a boy!

We even had a yummy dinner of
"Mummy Dogs!"
The kids thought they were neat!

We LOVE Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Fun!

Fall is in full swing
The weather is beautiful!

We took a trip to the park today
and went on a leaf crunching adventure
Logan shook almost every tree
making the leaves
down upon the kids.
They loved it!

We had a blast! 
It is so fun making memories with the ones I love!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disney Adventure

We just got back from a wonderful vacation to Disneyland--thanks to Logan's Mom.  The 4 of us and Marie spent 3 fun filled days in the most magical place on earth.  The kids were in heaven!  For Sophie this trip was truly a dream come true.  She has been begging to go to Disneyland for months.  Good thing grandma came through and was able to fulfill this wish of hers.  

Sweet little boy!  He was such a trooper.  He had a fever the first two days and somehow managed to pull through.  It was sooOOo nice to see him back to his normal, happy self on the last day.

Prince Charming!

The first character we saw was Mickey Mouse.  Sophie was hesitant and didn't want to get close.  Collin was all for meeting this friendly mouse.
That is until Mickey touched him!
And then he suddenly wasn't so into it.
No smiles for pictures.
Just grumpiness!

The next character we saw was Minnie Mouse.
Sophie bravely stepped up!
She loved being with Minnie, but still a little hesitant around her new friend. 
after that it was all hugs and fun with every character we met!
Collin was now the hesitant one
He wouldn't get too close without Mom or Dad

Chip or Dale?  I don't know!

OooOoHHh "Pludog"!  you are soOoo silly!
(otherwise known as Pluto)

The park was decorated for Halloween.  The kids loved seeing all of the pumpkins and of course the "Halloween Candy" also known as candy corn!  Sophie insisted that we take a picture of her taking a bite of the giant candy!

We had sooOOo much fun!  It was a fast paced 3 days.  
We rode as many rides as we could!
We were all totally exhausted by the end
It is good to be home!
Thanks again Grandma!  We loved every minute of it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

While Dad's Away-Part 2

Today we visited a near bye PuMpKiN pAtCh.  The kids were so excited to see all the pumpkins and to enjoy the outing with one of their favorite friends, Olivia.  They had fun running through the hay maze and walking through the pumpkins.  I had fun chatting with Tiff and and taking pictures of the kids.  It was a short outing, but fun none the less! 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

While Dad's Away-Part 1

Logan is working a long trip this week.  
(He has been a lot lately)
  I have been feeling like I have been struggling here at home alone with the kids.  

I have not been as patient, or as caring as I would like.  

It seems like "things" are just better when he is home.  

This week I told myself that I was going to have a better attitude and hopefully that would help me have a better week.  I have been really trying to enjoy the kids and my time that I get to spend just them and me.  

So instead of just sitting home missing my man and thinking about the good times we have with him

(Although we still missed him!)
 We took a trip to the Discovery Gateway.  It was fun to get out and fun to see the kids enjoy themselves.  Both kids were soOoo good.   

Collin loved the water.  He could have played there for hours!  

Sophie was an expert shopper!  I was really impressed that she put away all of her groceries on her own when she was finished.  She has really grown up since the last time we were there.

Both kids LOVED the helicopter.  Sophie loved the intercom system and Collin thought it was just neat to sit in it and be in a BIG "helcacopter!"

Sophie liked experimenting with muffin cups, pipe cleaners, and fans.  Some of her creations flew pretty neat.  She is watching how high they flew.

I signed the kids up for a science class while we were there.  They made BAT WING STEW!  They had a lot of fun, and got totally messy.  Especially Collin.  He refused to wear his "lab coat!"

It was a fun day!
I was totally worn out.
Growing a baby can take a lot out of a girl!
Not to mention a 2 year old a 4 year old!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wheeler Farm

Yesterday we took a trip out to Wheeler Farm.  It was so much fun and the kids had the time of their lives running around like crazy.  The weather was perfect.  We couldn't have asked for anything more.

Sophie was able to milk a cow.  At first she was a little nervous, but after she saw all of the other little girls doing it, she was up for the challenge of being brave.  She did great and was able to milk it all by herself!

We were also able to see Sophie's favorite animal right now, the baby pigs and OooOOohhh they were so cute.  Both Sophie and I wanted to take one home!

Just a fun picture of the kids running--they ran and ran and ran!

Taking a peek at the animals.  I was actually surprised at how close up the kids got.  Usually they are pretty scared, but I guess they put on their brave faces for this outing!

Both Sophie and Collin loved sitting on all of the old farm equipment.  

This is Sophie being silly, but I love how it turned out.  I think it is sooOOo cute!

And of course we couldn't visit a farm without sitting on a saddle!  Giddy up! YeeHA!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Puddle Jumpers!

Sophie and Collin have really been enjoying the change in the weather.  They lOve to go and and play in the rain with their umbrellas.  One of their favorite things to do is play *Peek-a-boo* with each other!  It was soOOoo much fun to be out with them and see the rain from their perspective!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Girl

Jenn turns 28 this month.  It gets me to thinking about all we have to be grateful to her for.  Often times a single mom.  The number one fan of everything our kids need and love.  The scientist of bottles, pacifiers, pumps, bed times, nap times, FHE, lunch, time out, and all the other things she just takes care of.  Loves those close to her with the greatest of intensity.  Works daily to patiently put up with my quirks.  We love you babe and are better because of you.

On the 23rd give her a call wish her a happy day.  Make lots of comments on her blog, she really loves to read them and know that others are paying attention.