Monday, June 28, 2010

lovin' summer

We are lovin' our Summer around here. We have definitely been keeping busy and having fun with swim lessons, play dates, art class at Great Grandma Moss' house, Lagoon, and other random adventures like 'staying up in the night'. Which happened to be making s'mores in our fire pit in the backyard. The kids loved that they got to stay up late (we are total bedtime sticklers!).

Last Saturday we went with Logan's sister and two of her cute girls on the Frontrunner train to the Gateway to play in the water. It was a blast. The kids had fun riding the train and splashing around. I love Summer days.

Little Miss Ruby does NOT like water. I kept asking her if she wanted to get out and she would always say "NO!" She just sat in her stroller the whole time watching all the fun ... but she didn't mind!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Air Races

Logan and I totally wanted to go see the Red Bull Air Races this year ... and when we found out they were in NYC we were sold. We were so excited. And the races did not disappoint. They were pretty incredible.

we got there early to stake out our spot ... and we were glad we did!

the race took place on the Hudson with views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty

the planes fly about 230 mph around and through the 65 ft pylons.

the finish line

Friday, June 25, 2010


So Logan and I went to New York last week.

We had so much fun. It was a quick trip ... but we made the most of it. We went there for the Red Bull Air Races. Which were so cool (more on those in a later post). But we couldn't go to NYC without seeing the sights.

Our first night there, we visited Times Square. I loved the lights and the people. I could just sit and watch people all day.

The next day we slept in and then made our way to Ellis and Liberty Island.

audio tour at Ellis Island

We also visited Central Park. We took a pedi - cab around the park ... so fun! Probably one of my favorite parts of the trip! I couldn't believe how huge the park is. And it is so beautiful.

That was all for the day. I was pretty disappointed that we didn't get to go to the Empire State Building ... but we were tired ... and thought it would be closed. However, we did make it there the next day after the air races.

After all that we were exhausted. We had walked, walked, and walked some more ... and rode every form of public transportation available. It seriously took my body's equilibrium two days to recover from all the subway trains, light rail trains, and ferries we took.

It was a great time. I love going on vacations with just Logan. It is always good to be just us ... even though I totally missed my little ones!

Monday, June 21, 2010

..... and I'm back

Our trip to New York was awesome!
We had so much fun.
I have so much to share ... but first Father's Day!

I am so grateful for the Father's in my life.

Every day I am impressed with the Father that Logan is.
Our kids LOVE him. So. Much. And I do too!
I hope he felt loved and appreciated on his special day.

The kids and I made him this special book

I asked each kid 8 things that they loved about their Dad ... and I threw in some too!
They came up with some good ones like:
"I love Daddy when he lets me ride on his shoulders."
"I love it when Daddy reads us stories."
"I love Daddy when he sings me Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."
"I love it when Daddy holds me."
They illustrated each page.

The kids also helped make Daddy a cake ... yummy!

and because it was a special day we HAD to have candles.
And sing.
But we couldn't sing the traditional "Happy Birthday"
because well, it wasn't his birthday ...
so the kids decided to sing
"I'm Go Glad When Daddy Comes Home"
Very fitting.

and then it was a group effort to blow out the candles

after dinner Sophie asked Logan to dance
It was sweet ... and cute!
She danced on his feet for a few minutes
and then decided fast dancing was more her style.

before long all the kids were in on the dancing action.

We love you Logan
I hope you had a great Father's Day!
You deserve it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

in the morning ....

logan and i are headed here + i am so excited!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

first day of summer vacation

I wish I could say that our first day of Summer vacation was all fun and games ... but it wasn't. It involved each child cleaning their room (or crying and whining about cleaning their room). And getting dressed. Which doesn't seem like a big deal, right? But when you are a super picky 5 year old, getting dressed can cause you a lot of stress! Imagine your mom won't let you wear your nicest church dress ... and you don't have enough pink (the right color of pink) in your closet on that particular day!

We did manage to have some fun for FHE that evening though. We surprised the kids with some mini golf. They LOVE it! Ruby loves to hold her ball and pick up your ball that you have hit and bring it back to you. It makes for a non productive game. But it doesn't really matter because Sophie and Collin cheat big time ... but they are so cute to watch. Neither of them will use the proper mini golf form no matter how many times I show them. But my favorite thing to watch is how they maneuver their balls through all the obstacles ... usually holding their ball (sometimes up in the air), pretending to tap it with their club, but really tossing it where it should go. They are quite the golfing characters and kept us laughing.

After mini golf we got some dinner including the yummiest pie. It was soOooo yummy ... and it is so close to my house. How will I keep myself from going there all of the time?

I love spending time with the family and look forward to many fun activities this summer.

Monday, June 7, 2010

18 months

At 18 months our little lady is not longer a baby, but a sweet and sassy little toddler. She is the silliest, little girl who brings so much joy into our lives.

She has started to talk more and more. Probably her favorite word to say is "NO" and she shouts it at everyone. A close second to that one is "cookie" and she uses this to her advantage every day. She has started making animal sounds and she can no longer look at a book without mooing or barking. My personal favorite is when she comes up to me and goes "Mama ... followed by a bunch of baby jibbberish!" She then waits patiently for you to answer back and then walks away. Although she is saying more words she still continues to sign and signs words that she cannot say (such as shoes).

She is still a good eater, although she as definitely become more picky and will often refuse to eat even her most favorite meal. She still drinks a bottle. Sigh. I just don't have the heart to take them away. Not only does she still take a bottle, but you have to hold her and feed it to her like she is still a little newborn. Part of me really likes this. But on especially busy days I just wish I could hand it to her and move on with things. Oh well. I will take the cuddling and rocking while I still can because I am sure those moments will be ending sooner rather than later. Along with her bottles, she still has her binky and her lovey and takes them with her just about everywhere.

She L.O.V.E.S. to be outside and races for the door anytime it is open. Sliding and swinging are her favorites, but she enjoys it all. Even just running around. She has to be under close supervision because she loves the street and goes out there and giggles away. When you come to get her she just runs ... right down the center of the road.

She has only 4 teeth and is currently getting a molar in right now. I guess her teeth decided not to take the predictable pattern that most babies teeth come it. Oh well, we'll take what we can get. I often wonder how she can eat with only her 4 front teeth but she manages!

She is a little mom and can usually be found with her baby and stroller. She loves and cuddles the baby and then SHOVES it as hard as she can into the stroller. And screams if it won't go in just as it should. She pushed her little stroller around constantly bumping into doors and walls. When she isn't playing with her baby she is following her brother and sister around. She wants to be where ever they are at. Collin likes to chase her around the house and they both just laugh and laugh.

I love my little sweet and sassy lady. She makes life so much fun!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer has arrived ......

and so has the shaved ice shacks!

And oh my they were soOOOooo Y.U.M.MY.

Friday, June 4, 2010

For Sophie

Yesterday you woke up sad and crying. Sad that Kindergarten was over. You didn't want it to end. You are going to miss your teacher, and your friends. Daddy showed you the calendar and all the fun things you will do this summer. I think he had you convinced that Summer might be fun too.

Your class had a graduation program.

You sang so sweetly. And it was fun to listen to you sing the songs that we have been talking about and singing together the past few weeks (one that I too sang with my Kindergarten class when I was a teacher). As you sang ... I too became emotional. And found myself fighting back tears. I can't believe that you have finished Kindergarten. That as of now you are a big first grader. A first grader who will go to school for a full day.

I can't believe how much you have grown this year. You are reading and writing. You have made so many new friends. And you have developed a love of school. I am so proud of you.

So on to first grade you go ... but first lets share a summer of fun together (and it will be fun ... swimming lessons, princess camps, sleeping over at Grandma's, trips to Lagoon, and so much more!).

I love you Sophie J.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You should see the other guy ....

Collin got his first black eye. He got into a fight with the counter top ... and it won. I tried to comfort the little guy but he wanted nothing of it. He kept saying "GO AWAY!" ... but soon he wanted his Daddy.

When I took his picture today he insisted on taking one with his eye closed. What a cute guy.

Oh ... and see those raw spot under his lips. He thinks they are from spaghetti. He will no longer eat it because it makes boo boo's. I cannot convince him otherwise. How do you stop a 3 year old from licking his lips?