Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Yesterday we took the kids bouncing at Classic Fun Center.  We all had a blast!  The kids climbed and jumped and slid their hearts out.  Collin was a total dare devil.  He insisted that he climb and slide all by himself.  It was kind of funny seeing this little guy climb to such heights and slide down huge inflatable slides with all of the big kids.  

Sophie had a great time, but after hitting each inflatable a couple of times, decided that she wanted to skate!  They now let kids ride their scooters.  It looked like a good time.  Next time we will have to skate.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


So the other morning Logan was eating some left over pizza for breakfast and Sophie walked up to him and said "Daddy, I don't like pizza, I like pancakes!"  She was looking forward to making pancakes with dad (a common morning routine) only Logan had to leave for work.  I love how kids say what is on their mind.  We have started calling Sophie Miss Speaks Her Mind.  It suits her well at the stage of life she is in right now.  She is all of a sudden very affectionate and loves to tell us how much she loves us, she also says words like excuse me and maybe tomorrow!  Holy cow she cracks me up.

We like to call Collin Our Little Problem Solver.  I have come to terms with the fact that he is going to climb on anything and everything he can.  He uses it to his benefit most of the time.  He gets out his own sippy cup when he is thirsty, picks out his own snack from the pantry, turns on/off the lights, and gives nearly all of our company a heart attack!

I love my kids so much.  They are so fun to be around!  Last night we had movie night as a family.  Logan popped us some popcorn and we all sat down together on the couch and watched The Little Mermaid.  It was sooo fun.  The kids loved the popcorn and totally devoured it.  In fact after it was gone, so were the kids.  Then Logan and I sat together on the couch watching The Little Mermaid.  Good times!

Just a cute pictures of Collin.  This kids loves phones--any and all phones!  This one happens to be his Lightening McQueen phone. He is a big fan of Cars!

I love this cute face.  I could eat it up!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be Mine

Today was Sophie's first official celebrated Valentine's Day.  I think that she has enjoyed it so far.  Yesterday I helped her make her Valentines for her friends at school.  It didn't go quite like I expected it too.  I thought she would love it, instead she just got upset because I was writing her name on all of them--and they weren't the ones SHE wanted.  She doesn't quite understand the concept of from--if it has her name on it, that means it is hers.  So I  made her just the right Valentine and finished the rest myself.  This morning however, she was excited to give her Valentines to her friends.  When I picked her up from pre-school, she exclaimed "Look mommy, I got trick-or-treats!!"  To her Valentines Day is just like Halloween without the costume.  I keep reminding her that they are Valentines and she has now resorted to calling them trick-or-treat Valentines!

Collin on the other hand has had a harder time with Valentines Day than Sophie. Because he doesn't go to school, he didn't get quite the candy loot that Sophie did.  He has spent most of his day crying "CANDIES" in hopes that his sister will share.

Just a {Love} Sidenote:  Sophie will quite often now come and give me a hug and say "I love you mommy!"  Ohh, it just melts my heart.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's Go Fly A Kite

The other day during Collin's nap time, Sophie enjoyed herself cutting, and gluing to make her very own KiTe.  She worked very hard on it and was very excited to fly it.  She was however disappointed when it didn't really fly.  I told her it needed some wind, so she blew really hard on it.  I love the way she thinks. 

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chocolate Trouble

Who knew such a small delicious piece of chocolate could cause so much trouble. As I mentioned in my previous post, Collin has learned how to get his own chocolate. He now takes advantage of this at all times through out the day.  It is driving me crazy!  I got out of the shower today and thought that it was a little too quiet.  You know, that kind of silence that means trouble.  I go downstairs to see what the kids are doing just in time to see them both sitting on the countertop feasting on the Hershey Kisses, a chocolate smile across their faces.  I get them down and explain to them they can't get their own candies.  Sophie looks at me and goes on her way, probably glad she didn't get in time-out.  Collin on the other hand just keeps dragging a stool over to the counter to get some more.  He just doesn't get it, and he is MAD.  I have been guarding the cupboard while he screams and kicks for about 5 minutes now.  It looks like it is time to get a lock, or throw out the candies--but I can't do that to such a delicious piece of chocolate sweetness!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Collin Curtis

Both of my kids are growing up so fast, but Collin just amazes me everyday at how much he is learning and growing.  He is 18 moths, going on 4 years, or sometimes I think 14 years.  He is a non stop talker and can say just about any word that you ask him to say.  Although his all time favorite to say is "NO!"  It comes in many different varieties and volumes.  He is so smart and has become quite the problem solver.  He thinks he has figured out how to get anything that is out of his reach, and he is probably right.  The other day he asked for some candies and I told him no, so he got a stool, pushed it to the counter, climbed on top of the counter, opened the cupboard and got his own.  He is constantly doing things like this.   Before I know it he will be on top of the fridge.  Nothing will be safe in my home.  I fear for the terrible 2's.  It seems to me that he has already reached them.  He is so good at tantrums and will scream an ear piercing scream to get what he wants.  I once had a lady in Costco tell me that she thought he broke her ear drum.  

He is also the sweetest little boy ever.  He will give you kisses and hugs all day and is always so excited when you walk into the room.  He has a crazy obsession with his sister and could follow her around all day.  They have become quite the friends, although Sophie might not admit it. He loves books and will sit and listen to you read to him all day if he can talk you into it.  I love the way he says "Yah" and claps his hands whenever he does something he is proud of.  He never stops moving and barely slows down from a run.  He has got things to do and places to be.  Who knows how old he will seem to me tomorrow?  Love you Collin!