Sunday, September 30, 2007

Surf City

We just returned home from a great fun filled adventure in California. On our first day we decided to visit the beach. The kids had a blast! I have never seen kids covered in so much sand. Sophie loved chasing the waves. I am not sure whether she caught them or they caught her! Collin wished he was a little bit older. He wanted to take part in the wave chasing, however was not quite stable enough to remain standing through the hard crashes. Unfortunately, he took a dive in the water and spent the rest of the time shivering. He didn't let that stop him from having a good time though. He still enjoyed the water, although only while holding a hand! Both kids loved the sand and could have spend all day digging and just running around.

Where DREAMS Come True!

The middle portion of our vacation was spent at Disneyland and California Adventure. The place where dreams come true, right? Well for Sophie they did after she got the pink balloon that she had been dreaming of holding all day! Disneyland was a great time. All of us enjoyed ourselves at "The Happiest Place On Earth." Both Sophie and Collin enjoyed the rides. Some of the favorites were: The Jungle Safari, It's a Small World, King Arthur's Carousel, the train (or choo choo as Collin calls it), Heimleich the Hungry Caterpillar, and Dumbo. The parade was also a big hit. Bot kids were mesmerized by the elaborate floats and dacing characters. Sophie's face litterally lit up when she saw Donald Duck. I think she has a crush on him!

Smiling faces having a great time!

"UUGH! It's heavy! Need some help, daddy!"

Collin enjoying the rides

Sophie was star struck every time we saw a Disney character. She was excited but didn't want to go near them. The most we could get her to do was wave at them from a distance. Finally on the last day we talked her into seeing Mickey, but as you can see she isn't too thrilled to be that close to that large mouse--even as famous as he is!

We were lucky enough to meet up with our great friends, the McReavy's and spend a couple of days with them. It was so fun to share this adventure with them and see our kids sharing this together.

Sea World

On the last day of our vacation we took a drive to San Diego and visited Sea World. Sophie was so excited to see the dolphins...and sharks...and whales...and crabs...and turtles...! She went on and on naming all of the fantastic sea life that she was going to see once we got there. She thought Sea World was a fun place and enjoyed seeing the shows and exhibits. She also liked seeing and holding a real star fish.

By this point in the vacation, Collin had seen enough. He was ready for some shut eye!

We feel lucky and blessed to have enjoyed such a fun family vacation. It was so great to spend this quality time together and grow closer as a family and as friends.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kitty Kisses!

As most of you know Sophie loves being a kitty. Whenever she gets in a situation that is new or that she is a little unsure of she magically transforms into a kitty. She will also transform into a kitty whenever she deems appropriate. Often times she refers to herself as 'kitty' instead of Sophie. Logan and I tend to refer to her as 'kitty' just as often as she does because she will often respond to our requests with less defiance--"Kitty come to the table and eat your dinner" or "Kitty it is time to get your shoes on". Her new kitty trait that she has aquired is kitty kisses. You will often find 'Kitty' licking your arm, leg, or even your face. Such a silly girl!

Friday, September 21, 2007

"I Did It!"

All summer Sophie has been learning how to pedal her tricycle. She has mastered the technique if she is on a down hill slope. However, if she is on flat ground or a slight incline she doesn't even want to try. She would much rather enjoy herself while you push her. However, yesterday after pedaling herself down the street a couple of houses, it was time to turn around and go back towards our house. She started out asking "Help Mommy?" so I started helping. I gave her a couple of small pushes and then one big one and I let go. She continued pedaling all on her own! After much encouragement she made it the three house lengths back to our house, stood up off of her bike, lifted her arms straight up in the air and shouted "I did it!" She was so proud of herself. What a big accomplishment. Hooray for you Soph--You Did It!

What's with a tantrum or two...or MORE!

Okay, so I have decided that I am becoming a pro at ignoring tantrums. Sophie is the Queen at throwing tantrums. She throws a million a day. At home they have become so easy to deal with becasue she prefers to go to her her bed and get over it on her own. However, in public it is a whole different scenario. There usually isn't a day that goes by without a tantrum in public. They usually happen when she knows that she has done something wrong and then doesn't want to pay the consequences for it. For instance, today we were at the mall eating pizza in the food court. We were doing so well. And then it happened. Sophie moved off of her chair. This is normal, and she usually doesn't go far. So I let her get down, however Collin followed and then they were on the move. I grabbed Collin threw him in the highchair and went after Sophie. I started in a brisk walk and ended up in a run before I caught her. She had made it through half of the mall. Needless to say I was so upset. She immediately said "I sit in the chair." She knew exactly what she should have been doing. I of course was not going to let her sit in the chair. I forced her in the stroller (thank goodness for seat belts). She of course started screaming at the top of her lungs. People were staring. This is where the pro part comes in. I just sat there and finished our dinner with her screaming. It doesn't phase me that she is screaming, nor does it phase me that people are staring. I can handle this. I would like to see them do better. The scream continues for most of my shopping trip. At times I think "I should leave" but why would I do that. Then she wins. I just let people stare and enjoy myself. I call that a pro. So, what's with a tantrum or two...or more. I can take it. Why? Because I can take anything for this girl. I love her to death. Tantrums and all!:)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Backyard Bon Fire

Tonight we were supposed to get together with Logan's mom in Mueller Park Canyon to cook hot dogs and roast marshmellows over a fire. We were all very excited and looking forward to the adventure. However after arriving at the canyon, we found out that you couldn't have a fire. After a little dissapointment, we decided that we would go back to grandma's house and have a fire in the fire pit in her backyard. It turned out to be so much fun. Sophie loved gathering the sticks to start the fire and cooking the hot dogs over the flame. Collin had to eat his hot dog cold because he couldn't stand the thought of having to wait for his dog to cook. He is always starving at the mere sight of food! And of course, all of us enjoyed the marshmellows, sticky fingers and all!! It was a fun night!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Park City

Last weekend we went to Park City with my parents and stayed in a condo together. It was a lot of fun and quite relaxing. We spent the weekend shopping, watching movies, swimming in the hot tub, (I am afraind of public pools since this virus has been going around) eating junk food, going on the Alpine Slide, and did I mention shopping? It was good to go on a mini vacation as a family. We haven't gone anywhere all together since Collin has been born. It was also good to be able to be with Grandma and Grandpa. They are always a good time and a lot of help with the kids.

The kids enjoying Main Street kickin' it with the big bear!

We all really liked the Alpine Slide and Coaster. Even my mom was up for the adventure. Sophie just takes right to the speed. It doesn't even phase her. Sometimes I think that she is more brave than I am. It is a good thing that she has a dad to take her on these adventurous rides. If she was riding with me I would totally freak out and slow way down, probably making the person behind me want to kill me!

Here is my mom zooming down the Alpine Slide. She loved it and wanted to go again!

Live to Skate. Skate or Die.

One of Sophie and Collin's favorite outside activities is skateboarding. They both love wearing the helmet and riding the board. I think Logan likes the fact that both of his children find skateboarding such a good time. I am sure that he can hardly wait for each of them to be able to ride their own board alond side of him.

Collin hasn't quite figured out how to stand on the board yet. He just likes to sit on it and scoot around like it is a car. Sophie however, is a pro at standing on the board. She stands in front of Logan and together they go zooming down the street. It is quite a site to see Logan skate boarding with a three year old in tow.

Monday, September 10, 2007

And This Is My JOY

As I think about the two "joys" in my life I can't help but think I have the cutest kids ever. I love to look back through my pictures and see just how much they have grown and changed through the years. I thought it would be fun to do a slide show  of my children.

Sophie J Phipps
Born August 25, 2004
7.0 lbs 20 in long

Collin Curtis Phipps
Born July 10, 2006
6 lbs 11 oz 20 in long

I love being a parent. My children truely are my "joy" I can't imagine life without them.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And She's Off........To School That Is!

Sophie had her first official day of pre-school today. Holy Cow! I know it is just pre-school, but still, my little girl is old enough to start school. She is attending class at an elementary school here in Kaysville. Her teacher is Miss Deana, and she also has an assistant in her classroom named Miss Julie. So far I am very impressed and they both seem to pass my rigid standards that I was looking for in a pre-school teacher. Sophie was very excited to go to school. Getting dropped off to class this morning seemed completely natural for her. She was ready to dive into this new adventure. I too was really excited for Sophie to go to school. Not just because I would have 2 1/2 hours with one less child at home (although that is good too), I am so excited for her to have this experience and for me to be able to experience it with her. I miss the school setting. The one down fall for Sophie is that she wants to ride the bus and talks about riding the bus daily. We keep telling her that she will get to ride the bus when she gets into junior high. She responds "OKAY". However, she seems to think that junior high is right around the corner because she will ask us about it the next day! She is so funny.

This is Sophie working with the letters of her name--one of the first activities she does as she starts school each day! I love this picture because she looks like she is having so much fun. I hope she keeps this enthusiasm for school.