Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lyla, Month IV

To My Lyla:

It's time for your 4 month letter.  You are growing up too quickly.  I am truly treasuring each and every minute I get to spend with you.  I want to freeze time.  Make it so you can't grow up, and yet I know that isn't fair...or possible.  With your sister, Sophie, I was always wishing for the future, but with you I just want to stay little forever.  And ever.

Your eating has improved soooo much this past month.  I am finally not having to force you to eat every. single. bottle. only some of them!  And you are quite the picky little eater.  You only want your bottles from mommy.  No way will you take one from daddy.  It seems that often times you are more content to chew on your fists than you are to take a bottle.  But there are those times where you do surprise me and scream out that you are hungry!  But despite these feeding issues, you are gaining weight well and and growing good, so I am happy.

You love company.   Whenever you are left in a room alone, you talk out and scream until someone comes in.  Just this morning you woke up super early.  I fed you and put you in your swing when your eyes told me that you were not interested in going back to sleep any time soon.  I went back to my room hoping to get some more sleep before the other kids woke up, but before long you were screaming out.  I came into your room, laid on the bed where you could see me and went to sleep.  You were quiet as can be.  You just needed someone to be with you!  Your sisters and brothers are also really good at keeping you company.  Almost daily they surround you with toys and entertain you as best they can.  Quite often I will find Sophie carrying you around.  This always gives me a small heart attack as I am afraid she is going to accidentally drop you, but you don't seem to be afraid and rather like her toting you around.

This past month you have found your feet.  If your hands aren't in your mouth, they are usually holding on to your feet.  I think it is the cutest thing ever.  I can't wait until I capture it with my camera!  You still aren't rolling, although I can't help but think that with all the physical therapy we have been doing for your torticollis {which is coming along nicely!} that you will be soon.  But truly I am okay with you not being mobile yet!

You are simply adored by everyone.  Happy four months Lyla Bug!
Your Momma

Celebrating 9 Years

picture by Jami Caldwell

On December 28th Logan and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.  It is absolutely crazy to me that we have been married for nine years.  I love him more and more everyday.  What an amazing husband and father he is.  I consider myself so lucky to be spending everyday with my best friend.

We were able to spend most of the day together!  We started out at a local spa where we participated in a couples teaching massage.  It was so relaxing a fun!  A little overwhelming at times with all the information we were trying to take in but something very fun to do together!  Later on, we headed off to a nice dinner for two.  The food was good, and the company was even better!.  We shared some memories of our wedding day and of the past nine years ... it was so nice to just be together.  There is nothing better than a night out on the town with my man!

Happy nine years babe!
Love you.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lyla Smiles!!!

Lyla has been smiling for a while now,  but I haven't ever been able to catch it with my camera until now.  She has been pretty stingy with her smiles ... and every time I pull out my camera she looks at me like I am an alien.  However, the other night she was watching me do the dishes {fun I know!} and she was so smiley so I thought I would try to capture her cute little grin.  And what do you know, I got it!!  Love this cute little girl.

Christmas '11

Our Christmas this year was wonderful.  
The time that we spent together as a family was so special and sweet and fun.  I'll never forget it.  
Christmas was a little different for us this year ... Logan was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day so with permission from Santa of course, we celebrated on the 23rd.  
Although number on the calendar read wrong, it was still Christmas in our home.  
It was wonderful.

Our day looked a little like this:

the kids coming down Christmas morning

We woke the kids up at 7:00 
Grandmas and Grandpas were anxiously waiting downstairs
Sophie immediately put on her reindeer antlers that she had been saving in her bed for weeks and grabbed Jingle {we can't leave him out!} 
 The kids bolted down the stairs and eagerly assessed all that Santa had brought them.
We opened presents 
ate a yummy breakfast
and spent the rest of the day playing with toys and being together!
Collin with Bey Blades
Ruby with Strawberry Shortcake
Sophie with dolls and roller skates
Lyla with anything that she could fit into her mouth!

That night we made a turkey and feasted together ...
thinking about all that we are blessed with.
What a magical time of year that we get to be together and celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas


Ruby wanted nothing to do with the man dressed in red from his head to his foot! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tummy time

Monday, December 19, 2011

feelin' like Christmas

The tree is up

Twinkling lights are all around
Letters to Santa are written
We've been singing Christmas Carols ... I {love} listening to Ruby sing Jingle Bells
"Elfy" our Elf on the Shelf is here ... and up to a little mischief!

There is a lot some snow on the ground
Christmas stories are being read ... sometimes under the Christmas tree

The days are being counted down
Family Christmas parties are underway

The stores are filled with last minute shoppers ... including me!
We had a visit from Jolly Old Saint Nick himself!

Christmas Cards are addressed and sent ...
boy is it cold outside!!

It's feelin' like Christmas!
I love this time of the year.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nutcracker

One of Sophie's wants this Christmas was to go see the Nutcracker ... and Logan made it happen.  He purchased two tickets for Sophie and I to go!  It was such a fun night hanging out with my girl!

She was sooOOo excited!  We dressed up all fancy like and headed off to the ballet.  She could barely contain herself when she saw the Capital Theatre all lit up with giant Nutcrackers in the window.  

We were a little early so we went across the street and indulged in some yummy hot cocoa and creme brulee! 


Sophie took a couple sip of her hot cocoa and then danced around the little restaurant  showing me all of her ballet steps she has been learning in her class.

Soon it was time to head inside ... but not without some pictures!  I just love her excited smile!

Once inside she couldn't think about anything but a nutcracker souvenir.  She had a hard time deciding between a tree ornament or an actual nutcracker.  Ultimately she chose the nutcracker and it hasn't left her side yet!

I was pleasantly surprised by just how much she like the performance.  She sat and watched intently the entire time clapping along with the audience at the appropriate times.  One of my favorite moments was watching her wave back to Mother Buffoon.  She loved every minute of it!

On the ride home we sang Christmas carols and talked about our favorite parts of the night.  I love my little lady and I am so glad that I was able to spend the evening with her.  Thanks babe for putting it all together for us!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

in the kitchen ...

Ruby and I made cookies!
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!

She was a fantastic helper!

The ingredients says "NO MORE taking pictures!"
We didn't follow the recipe exactly! {grin}

Ruby carefully placed each chocolate chip one by one in the batter.

Ruby: It okay I put all dese in there?
Mom: Sure!
Ruby: Oh!  It okay I put one a dese in my mouf?
Mom: Of course!! 
  From then on it was one for the cookies, one for her!
Thanks for baking with me Ruby
I had a lot of fun!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Belle Party

Ruby wanted a Belle Birthday this year ... and that is what she got!
She fell in love with this cake online and I decided she just had to have it.  So I put my cake making skills to the test.  It turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself! However, Ruby wasn't quite as impressed.  In fact she wan't impressed at all and was disappointed that I didn't make the cake pictured on the cake mix box!  Oh well.

It was a low key party with the Grandparents, and Ruby loved every minute of it!  Pizza, presents, and cake!!  What's not to love?

Admiring her cake ...

She had a lot of help opening her presents from an eager brother and sister.  I had to keep reminding them who the birthday girl was.

She is one loved little girl ... and it shows.  She was totally spoiled.

She has been talking about this binky baby for a while now ... and it was a hit!  She is such a little mommy!

Cake time!!!  Ruby didn't eat one bite!  I later learned that she doesn't like frosting ... I think because it gets you messy.  Good thing I had some unfrosted cupcakes for her to eat later in the evening!

 Blowing out the candles ...  I think she had some help in this area as well!

Happy Birthday my little princess!  I can't believe you are three!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lyla, Month III

To My Lyla:

You are three months old!  How can that be?  You are growing and changing each and every day.  You have become quite the content little lady and you are rarely fussy like you once were.  You are smiling more and more, cooing lots, and even laughing some ... although every. single. time. I get you to laugh you get the hiccups!

You sleep well ... although you haven't slept through the night in quite a while {maybe you could work on that some more!}  You no longer cry each and every time we get in the car.  Yeah!  You are starting to become interested in toys.  And you rolled over onto your tummy once all on your own.  It must have been a total accident because you haven't done it again!  

You are the cutest baby!  I can't get enough of your cheeks ... I pretty much kiss them all day.  And your thighs ... especially your left one ... I love them.  The sight of those baby rolls makes me want to squeal.  They are so cute!  Your little fingers and toes ... perfect!  I love when you eat how you will often hold onto my fingers.  Your hair is getting lighter and you seem to be losing it now.  I am afraid that you may soon be sporting a bald spot in the back.  

You struggle in the eating area.   For some reason you don't like to eat these days.  Especially in the morning.  Mommy feels like she is forcing you to eat at almost every feeding.  Despite your eating strike you are still happy and continuing to gain weight.  I guess I am forcing you to eat just the right amount!  I really hope you take an interest in eating again soon.

You have been battling eczema lately and because of this I have been slathering you in creams and lotions each night and it has quickly become my favorite time of the day.  You blow raspberries, laugh, kick and coo in delight the entire time.  I think you are definitely ticklish!

Here's to three great months my little monkey!
Your Momma