Saturday, January 29, 2011

some sun

I have been experiencing a lack of motivation. A motivation to do anything. I blame it on January. I am not a fan of this month. It is cold outside, the air is yuck, and there are so many sicknesses going around that I feel like we can't leave our house ... so we are all going a little stir crazy. Luckily February is right around the corner. I have so much to share and hope that along with the new month, I will find some new motivation! Or motivation at all! Fortunately Logan was feeling the same way about January as I was and he planned a fun little trip for us to the sand and the sun!

Logan decided that a trip to sunny San Diego was in order and I was all over the idea. So we packed up the kids and took off. {a perk of having a pilot for a husband} After arriving in San Diego we immediately hit hit the beach ... in the dark. The kids loved running on the sand and it was nice to let them just go after being cooped in the airplane. We all slept well that night {our kids are getting to be good travelers} and were anxious to hit the beach again the next morning. The beach was definitely a hit ... except for the 2 times that Sophie accidentally fell into the cold water. It is a good thing that I always tend to overpack for the kids! We spent the day digging, building sand castles, racing on the sand, eating ice cream, swimming in the pool, and just relaxing together as a family. It was so nice.

We watched the sun go down that evening and then happened upon a fire show as we were walking back to our hotel. The kids loved it. We went to bed that night in preparation to leave early the next morning. However after arriving at the airport we discovered that our flight was not looking good. Not wanting to spent the day at the airport, we hopped in a taxi and spent the day at the zoo instead.

The kids loved the zoo ... although they were very worn out by the end of the day. At any given moment you cold hear Sophie saying "let me just check the map!" We had to stop every minute or so and show her exactly where we were on the map and where we were headed. The kids were excited to see some of the animals that we don't have in our zoo back home like the polar bears, the panda bears, and flamingos.

After a full day at the zoo we were headed home. It was a quiet flight home full of sleeping children and happy memories of a great get away together. I think we all miss it a little bit. Especially when the snow hit the next day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i heart faces -- Smile!

This boy has one of the best smiles around!
It just melts my heart.
And I can usually talk him into letting me take his picture ... only if it is just ONE!
Love this little guy.