Monday, June 29, 2009

Celebrating Summer: Parades

It's that time again! I can't believe it is almost July. Holy cow! With July comes parades, fireworks, BBQ's, and good times with family. The kids and I were lucky enough to go to the West Bountiful parade with my parents last weekend. I love a good parade and it is so fun to take my kids and share in their excitement of it. It was a great day for a parade and we had a lot of fun.

This is how Collin spent a great deal of the parade. He is my little sensitive guy and he was worried that every truck was going to make a LOUD noise.

Grandma and Ruby hung out in the shade together. They made a good team! Neither one of them liked being in the sun.

I love this picture. After Collin 'warmed up' to the parade he started getting down to the music. He has this move that he learned from gymnastics that he calls "shake my seat!' He puts his hands on his hips and shakes them back and forth. It is seriously the cutest thing you have ever seen. I will occasionally ask him to do it throughout the day just for a good laugh. Love that boy!
Hooray for parades! And Hooray for candy! Probably their favorite part was collecting the tons and tons of candy that was thrown our way. Seriously there was so much!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Celebrating Summer: Summer Nights

We spent a wonderful summer night at a local pond feeding the ducks, taking walks, and collecting rocks. Collin had his pockets filled and was so careful to keep checking to make sure that they were still there!

Our feathered friends that eagerly ate all of our bread! The kids loved feeding these ducks. You know how you feed some ducks and they can be a little too aggressive and come after you in search of more bread. These ducks weren't like that at all and so the kids weren't scared a bit and just really had a great time feeding them. I think Sophie had a special love for the only white duck ... she kept trying to feed just that one. Unfortunately the other ducks had other thoughts about that!

Check out that arm ... and that smile! I love seeing my kids enjoying themselves. There really is nothing better.

Collin had a hard time deciding on whether to feed the ducks the bread or eat it himself. He loved feeding the ducks, but made sure that he had a few bites as well!

I tried to teach Collin how to skip and he was so cute leaping down the trail. Sophie had a good time racing with dad and Ruby enjoyed being out and about.

Oh those Summer Ni-ights!
Sorry if you now have that song in your head after reading this post. I am totally singing it now!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dinosaur Park

I took the kids to Dinosaur Park in Ogden yesterday for a fun day out in the sunshine. We all had a great time. It was neat because our neighbors and friends just happened to be there too. We enjoyed walking around the park looking at all of the dinosaurs and exploring hidden trails.

Cute kids having a great time in the dino cave.
Man I look at this picture of Collin and wonder where in the world my little boy went. He is growing up so fast.

They may be the "WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS CREATURES" but they sure are the cutest! Sophie totally didn't get the concept of this . . . the other girls were making scary monster faces and Sophie kept shouting "I'm in jail!" We love Sophie!

Digging for bones!

Cute Ruby Jane just chillaxin' in her stroller watching all of the crazy kids running circles around her.

What a FUN day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrating Summer: Backyard Swimming

I am loving summer right now. The warm weather. The sunshine. All of it! So I thought I would do some posts documenting us celebrating summer.

Yesterday was beach week at the kids gymnastics class so they wore their swim suits and instead of having them get dressed when they got home I got out the pool and we created out own beach in the backyard . . . well, sort of. The kids loved it. They splashed, and splashed. I quite enjoyed myself too sitting in the shade with my feet up watching my 2 cute kids while my other cute kid slept soundly inside the house. What a perfect afternoon. I am sure we will be doing a lot more backyard swimming! And of course, I took a lot of pictures.

Look at those cute freckles!

I just love this face. . . and those eyes - just warming up after a great swim and splash fest!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I just wanted to take a second and wish Logan a Happy Father's Day! He is so special to us. I really wanted to make a big deal out of this day so that he would know how much we love him. But really, I can't adequately put into words or expressions just how much he means to us. What a wonderful father and husband he is. I hope you had a wonderful day!

His morning started out with this...

Fruit and Cheese Stuffed French Toast and a Strawberry Mango Smoothie.
In bed.

He was showered with little loving details like this...

A portrait of himself drawn by Sophie complete with glasses and whiskers!
A couple of super cute hand made tie cards with some loving messages!
Packages wrapped in paper covered with his children's foot prints!


This totally awesome tie that Sophie picked out and embellished with love just for him!

They sure do love him (almost as much as I do)!!

Sophie, Collin, and Ruby are so blessed to be surrounded by Great Grandpa's, Grandpa's, a Father, and a Heavenly Father that love them unconditionally. Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

For the BEST Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

The Cutest, Luckiest, Craziest, Sweetest kids EVER!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Sneak Peak

My sweet friend let me take some pictures of her new precious little one. I was so excited. Baby "J" is so cute and so small (not even a week old). I know it hasn't been that long, but I can't even remember Ruby being so teeny tiny! Time really does fly . . . and what better way to capture it than through pictures. Thanks again Jen for letting me take your little ones pictures! I hope you like them.

Rain, rain, and more rain . . . followed by a little sunshine

Man am I ever glad that the sun is shining outside again! There has been so much rain the past couple of weeks I can hardly stand it anymore. I thought I liked the rain, but not in mass amounts. It doesn't even seem like summer has started yet. We are literally stuck in April! My house is a disaster because we are always inside, my kids are constantly bickering and fighting, and my patience has been running thin. It was so nice to start out this week with some sUnShInE! Although the rain did make for some great flower shots with some beautiful rain droplets. At least I found one good thing about the rain, right?!?

Yesterday we held our first summer ArT cLaSs and it was sooOOo much fun -- and yes, the sun was shining! We were very glad! We talked about color mixing and made a pinwheel. So cute! It was supposed to be a color wheel . . . but that got to be too much so we just had the kids color them! Sophie and Collin loved having everyone over. We can't wait for next week! Thanks babe for putting the class all together.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sailing, Sailing!

We made a trip up to Bear Lake on Saturday to go sailing with Logan's parents on their boat.

It was a near perfect day for sailing.  I say near perfect because it was FREEZING!  But the wind was great!  And despite the freezing temperatures, we had a ton of fun.  We were a little hesitant to go because last time we were there, it was all we could do to keep Sophie from walking off the dock into the water.  She just wanted to swim.  Needless to say, we haven't been much since then.  In fact, Collin has never been until now.  All three kiddos had a great day.  Ruby loved sleeping on the rocking boat and Collin and Sophie loved everything . . . sailing, playing on the beach, finding sea shells, eating raspberry shakes, playing peek - a - boo on the boat, taking walks along the docks,  eating all of grandma's candy, and feeding a seagull bread pieces!  It was a great day and we are so glad that we could go visit Grandma and Grandpa on their boat.  Thanks!

A good looking crew if I do say so myself!


I tackled MR. HUNGRY!

(Mr. Hungry is Weight Watchers mascot)

After having Ruby I really wanted my pre-baby body back.  I wanted to feel good about my body again.  I made a secret resolution to lose weight.  It was a secret because I honestly didn't think that I could do it, and I didn't want to fail.  But I was sick of wanting that better body and decided it was time to do something about it.  I knew I needed help.  It was not something I could do myself, so I joined Weight Watchers.  And I Love It!  It is perfect for me.  It gives me the accountability and motivation that I need.  On Monday I met my weight loss goal.  I lost 32 pounds!  I can hardly believe it.  It was easy (for the most part) and it didn't take all that long.  I feel so good about myself and feel like I have just tackled a huge hurdle that is a constant struggle for so many people.  I am so excited to maintain my weight and continue  to show MR. HUNGRY who is boss!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Half a Year!

Wow! Half a year. Six months. However you look at it, it is cRaZy. I can't believe that my baby girl is 6 months old. Seriously? Really?!?! The last six months with Ruby in our lives has been wonderful. What a little sweetheart. She is a healthy, happy, smiley, content, good natured baby girl. She is sleeping great. . . although I wouldn't mind for her to sleep in a little more in the morning. I can't have everything though, right? She eats great. Still loves her bottles, and has a new found love for rice cereal. She looOoves it. She can't get enough of it. She isn't quite sure of fruit yet. She smiles all of the time. Really, she does. She loves to people watch and smile at everyone. She especially thinks her brother and sister are super funny and will always give them a laugh. She is rolling. Although she hasn't caught on to its wonderfulness yet and isn't too interested. I am sure she will soon. She sits like a champ. And loves it. Toys are so much more fun when you are sitting. She loves to be held and cuddled. And I love to cuddle her. I will take it all. I love the way she nuzzles her face into my shoulder when I am holding her. It makes my heart melt every time. She is a beautiful baby as you can see. Gorgeous eyes and tons of crazy hair. She catches everyones attention! We love you Ruby Jane. Mommy can't believe how fast you are growing . . . slow down just a bit . . . please for me!

Here are some more cute pictures from her 6 month photo shoot. Sorry there are so many. I have trouble narrowing them down. But at least I didn't post all 54 of the ones that I took. What a cute girl!