Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New Friend

Well, she is here...

... and oh so cute!

Her name is Flaming Spirit - but Sophie calls her "Ria!"  Ria Jenna Phipps to be exact.

The kids love her.  They both enjoyed brushing her, giving her "walking lessons," and riding her around the yard.  

Even Collin, my little guy that is afraid of every animal, enjoyed having "Ria" at Grandpa's house.  He kept saying "I am so brave!"  Way to be brave bud.

Thanks Grandpa for the pony.  We love her!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Winner Is ...

... Jolene!
Good work on recognizing my shoot location.
Call me and we will talk pictures.
Family?  Just kids?  Whatever you want ... if you want!
I promise I am not an expert or all that good.  I just have a love/dream and would really like some more practice!

mini GOLF

We took the kids mini golfing for the first time the other day and it was SO MUCH FUN!  We all had such a great time.  The kids LOVED it, and we LOVED watching them.  They were hilarious.  All the rules were tossed aside.  They both decided that it was much easier to hit their ball, then pick it up and take it right to the hole and hit it in.  No matter how much we stressed NOT to pick up the ball they just couldn't resist.  They would even help us out by picking up our ball and taking it to the hole for us too.  

Sophie was moving a mile a minute and refused to let us help her hold the golf club the right way.  She kept saying "I a good golfer.  I so strong to be a good golfer!"  She would then show us her golfing muscles and say "I so good!"  She is so funny!  I love to see her have fun trying new things.

Collin was more into having his Daddy help him with his hits.  He would then quickly grab his ball with his hands.  It was the funniest watching him move his ball through the loop de loop with his hands.  Logan and I were dying with laughter.  He loved putting his ball in the holes and would do each hole over and over.  He kept saying "Where's my foot?" (meaning his golf club).

What a blast!  We can't wait to go again . . . and again!  A new summer favorite for sure!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We just returned home from a wonderful vacation.  We spent the long weekend with family, enjoying beautiful Victoria, Canada.  It couldn't have been a better trip.  Everything went so smoothly. . . we caught all of our flights, the kids were amazing (with minimal tantrums), we didn't forget anything essential.  We were surrounded by great people having a great time.  It was so fun to get away from home and grow closer to one another.

  • The Seattle aquarium.  Seeing the octopus being fed was amazing.  I was totally captivated.  The sea otters are still one of my favorites.  They are so cute and so much like little people.  It brought back a lot of memories of visiting the aquarium with Logan when we were dating.  So fun.

  • Pikes Market where I had the BEST and BIGGEST raspberries ever.  And where we met a balloon man and got some balloon animals.

  • Feasting at the Crab Pot.  It was yummy and fun.  They dump your food in the middle of the table and you crack the crab open with mallets.  And bibs.  Its always more fun with bibs.  The kids thought it was funny that the adults were wearing bibs!  Silly mom and dad.

  • Sighting a whale on the clipper ride to Victoria.  (otherwise this was a low light . . . I was so sick)
  • Visiting the beautiful Butchart Gardens kid free.  Logan's mom spent the day with the kids doing things they would enjoy. . . the BUG ZOO.  They loved it!  Thanks Marie.

  • Visiting a petting zoo where Sophie fell in love with a little black goat.  She wouldn't go near any other.

  • Relaxing at a park while the kids played and played and played.
  • Feeding the ducks some bread that Sophie convinced a nice lady to give us.  Okay, it didn't take much convincing.  Just a cute smile and a loud "I want to feed the ducks!"  And wala!  We have bread.

  • A night out with NO kids with Logan's sister Andrea and her husband, Jake.  It was so wonderful to eat without fighting kids.  I only had to worry about shoving bites into my own mouth!  OOooOh . . . and creme brulee!  Yummy!
  • A boat ride to Fisherman's Warf where the kids got to feed some seals.  So neat!  The seals practically ate out of your hand.  I am glad I got to experience it with them.  And I didn't even have to get my hands all slimy from the fish!

  • Not taking the clipper back home.  Yay!  I didn't have to worry about getting sick!
  • Getting home!  The vacation was awesome and so much fun, but it is always soOOoo nice to be home again and get back to my routine.    There really is no place like home.  I fear Ruby has been spoiled.  She was never put down for 5 days and now she constantly wants to be held. 
Thanks Marie for such a great time.  It was wonderful and we are glad we could all be together.

Whew!  That was a long one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The pictures on the last post were taken by Jenn and our friend Cindy.  Do you think you know the location of the shoot?  The first person to correctly identify the location on a comment wins the big prize.  A free family photo shoot with Jenn.  She'll photoshop the images and give you the disk.  Jenn's too modest to think anyone would want a photo shoot with her, but you and I know better.  So good luck and here's a hint: its local to Davis County.  I'm so proud of Jenn and her good work.  

Here's a couple I took that night.

this post is not by

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally . . .

. . . we have some family pictures!  The last time we had some taken Sophie was 6 months old.  I would say that it is about time!!

Which one do you like the best? I can't decide.

Isn't she so beautiful?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dandelion Princess

Aunt Amy came to visit and made Sophie a dandelion crown.
A beautiful Princess!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Treasures of Motherhood

My treasures of Motherhood are my three wonderful, healthy, energetic children.
They are the jewels to my crown.
I am simply honored to be their mother.

"No other work reaches so close to divinity as does the nurturing of the sons and daughters of God."  
(Gordon B. Hinkley)

Everyday . . . but on this day especially I am so grateful to be a mother.  I love my children with all of my heart and feel so lucky to have them in my life.  I always knew I wanted to be a mother.  I just didn't understand . . . or could even begin to imagine just how wonderful it would be and how much joy and meaning it would bring into my life.

I love you Sophie, Collin, and Ruby.
I am sooOOo glad that I am your mommy!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cow Pokes!

Sophie has been wanting a pet pony.  Yup a pony!  And who better to ask than the man with the farm.  Grandpa.  First off Grandpa just happens to need a new pet to feed off the grass in his pasture.  And Grandpa would do just about anything for this little girl (including shave off his mustache that he has had my whole life because she refuses to kiss him with it).  So a pony it is.  He has been looking and shopping.  He found one that might work and wanted Sophie to see it.  I am not sure if it is the one.  But she loved it all the same.  And I just happened to get a couple cute pictures of my cow pokes.


Hmm . . . Collin it really IS more comfortable to take a nap in your bed!

Collin is in that stage where he is gradually transitioning to NO nap!  Every day I send him to his room for a nap, but there is too much going on in that little head to let him sleep.   After a while he comes back downstairs and he usually ends up crashing on the couch.  I find him like this just about every day.  One day he will realize that naps truly are a luxury.  It took me a while.  I was in denial about them at first, and called them laydowns.  I didn't want to admit that I wanted a nap.  Anyway, for now I guess Collin will settle down for a little snooze on the couch.  It is less like a nap after all.  And just maybe I can squeeze in beside him!