Wednesday, March 31, 2010


because easter this year is the weekend of general conference,
i got my kids all dressed up
in their easter clothes
last sunday.

i {heart} new easter dresses + sweaters!

don't they look great!?!
originally i planned to only have the kids in the picture, but ruby was having a rough morning and wouldn't let logan put her down ... so he joined in too. and he looks just as good as the kids! too bad he doesn't have a matching tie.

looking forward to easter weekend ... and spring break!!


Logan said...

great pic babe! Looks like its straight out of a clothing catalog.

Love you, see you soon.

Logan said...
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Jess said...

Such a great looking family!!

Jolene said...

So cute and they looked so cute in real life too.

Tiff said...

Everyone looks great. Hope you had a fun easter!