Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015. Drake 12 months.

12 months:
weighs 25. 2 pounds (93%)
30.5 in tall (75%) 
happiest baby there is!
loves to explore the house
takes everything out of the cupboards all the time
a great sleeper
2 long naps + sleeps through the night
5 teeth 
constantly doted on by all his siblings
crawls everywhere
pulls up to his knees
loves remotes and phones
loves books
starting to like table food, although prefers baby food
eats 4 bottles a day

Gosh I love this boy! The last year with him in our family has been the best! We are lucky to call him ours! Happy 1 year Bubba Boy!

And a look through the past year...

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