Thursday, August 13, 2015

Aug. 13, 2015. First Day of School.

The kids started school today! The kids and I were excited for the new school year. We got our new school clothes, our new shoes, registered at our new schools and were looking forward to all the adventures that we would have this year. As it got closer and closer to the 1st day however, I had a lot of anxiety about the kids starting school this year. Especially about Sophie starting 6th grade in an intermediate school. I was trying not to project my anxiety on to the kids and instead we would talk about how awesome the school year was going to be. And I really think it will be! All the kids came home and said they had a great day! Sophie didn't get lost going to any of her classes. She likes her language arts teacher the best so far, and she said the day flew by! Collin has a male teacher this year who loves math and science...just like him! His favorite part of the day was getting his own Chrome book to use this year! Ruby has such a sweet teacher. She got to be the mystery student and bring some things from home to share about herself and she is adjusting to going to school full day. She said the day was so long it felt like two! Ha! Love that girl! So proud of each of my kids. I know they will have a great year! Tomorrow we will tackle riding the bus!

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