Thursday, November 20, 2014

More of Drake in the hospital...

Some more pictures of our sweet boy from our hospital stay. Like I mentioned before, the time I spend in the hospital is so special to me. I love getting to know my new babe. We were lucky that we were able to have the kids come visit him. There was a no children under 14 rule (including siblings) for the entire hospital due to flu season. They were however allowing siblings in the maternity ward until the end of October. We just made it. They kids were so excited to meet their new little brother. They each held him and were instantly in love. 

All ready to go home! I think it is so fun dressing up my baby to leave the hospital. And I was dying over his cuteness!

Lyla was the only kid at home when we got home from the hospital and she took advantage to love on her new little brother. She has taken to the role of big sister so well. To say she loves Drake would be an understatement. She cannot stand to be apart from him. She wants to know where he is at all times and loves to snuggle and hug him. I'm not quite sure if he enjoys it as much as she does! 


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