Monday, September 1, 2014

August 25, 2014. First Day of School!

The kids started school! I for one was so ready. They were ready too although I'm not sure they would admit it! They all seem to have good teachers this year and we are looking forward to a great year full of lots of learning! Sophie and Collin had a great first day. Ruby however was totally disappointed in her first day. She had Kindergarten orientation and was only there a short time. She is loving school now, although I think her favorite part is riding scooters home with Sophie and Collin! Such smart kids I have. I know they are going to have a wonderful year!

We couldn't forget about Miss Lyla. She isn't going to Preschool this year but really wanted too! She was eager to get dressed, pack a lunch for herself, and wear her backpack! Thank goodness she was content with just dropping the kids off at the school.

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