Monday, August 18, 2014

For Lyla

Dear Lyla,

You are three years old and so much fun! I have really enjoyed this stage with you. You are sweet, sassy, spunky, shy, independent, outgoing, funny, loveable, and oh so cute all rolled into one little package! You are my little sidekick. And I love it!

Your favorite thing to play is babies. You have a million of them, yet you always want new ones. You tote them all over the house and take such good care of them. You feed them, push them in strollers, get them toys, and put them down for naps. I know that with all this practice you are going to be a great big sister to your new little brother. You are also obsessed with Minnie Mouse. You love wearing your Minnie Mouse shirt, dress up dress, and shoes!

You love playing with friends. You have two cute little neighbor friends that you always want to play with. You wake up and within an hour you are asking to play. I will bring you home from playing and soon you are asking to play again. I love watch you guys play together and seeing your cute interactions.

Lyla you are learning how to use the potty. You are potty trained for the most part, although you still haven't mastered pooping inthe potty. I have been trying to bribe you with new babies and anything else that i think you will want, but so far I haven't found the right motivation yet. You still like to wear diapers and would rather wear them than underwear, and that's okay. I know that one day soon you will be out of diapers!

You are getting so independent. You want to pick out what you wear and get yourself dressed. You like to climb into your car seat all by yourself and buckle yourself up. You know what you want and get so frustrated when you can't have it. You are happy as can be one minute and then the next? The world is ending. Despite being so independent, you still want to be little. You want to be carried, and cuddled, and drink chocolate milk from a bottle.

Lyla I love you so much! You make life so much fun. Im so lucky to have you call me Mom!

Love you always and forever,

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