Saturday, January 11, 2014

October 10-17, 2013. Brazil.

Logan had the opportunity to go Brazil for work and I was lucky enough to tag along with him. It was a fantastic trip. We were lucky enough to fly down and back first class. That alone was a memorable experience. We didn't do too much while in Rio, but it was wonderful to be together and to relax. Logan spent the majority of the trip in meetings, but we did get to spend an entire day together exploring the city. We wanted to visit the Christus, but were discouraged from going by hotel staff due to the expected large city crowds that day. So instead we visited a nearby botanical garden. It was beautiful. One evening we were able to visit Sugarloaf and ride the cable car up to a fantastic dinner and show. It was definitely a highlight of the trip for me! It was a great trip and so nice to get away!

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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Looks beautiful! So glad you had a fun trip!