Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For Ruby

Dear Ruby,

Your birthday came and went, but I couldn't let to much time pass by without writing you your birthday letter. I can't believe you are five years old. How did that happen? Soon you will be leaving me for school. What will I do without you here at home? You brighten up my day!

Ruby you are a crack up and so full of spunk! You are constantly making us laugh. You say the funniest and sassiest things. I love that occasionally you even refer to yourself as Sassy! You have your own ideas and your own way of doing things and you want to be heard. In the car if too many people are talking you will shout "It's my turn to talk!"I guess that comes from being the third child!

You love school. You look forward to it each day and have so much fun there. You have made some cute friends and you are learning lots. You love to write your name. You are in a stage that you write on anything and everything that is in front of you. I am always finding R-U-B-Y written on my bills or my shopping list! You know almost all of your letters and and some of thier sounds. You go to speech each week and are working hard on your articulation. You have made a lot of progress and have a lot of fun there. Mommy likes the one on one time that it gives us! You are looking forward to starting Kindergarten in the fall and going to the same school as Sophie and Collin. You were even excited for your Kindergarten shots and didn't even cry!

You are such a sweet sister to Lyla, and a best friend to both Sophie and Collin. You love to play with all of them. You share Sophie's love of animals. Lyla's love of coloring, and Collin's love of projects! Although you love playing with your brother and sisters, you also enjoy playing alone in your room. You have quite the imagination and I love listening to you when you play.

Ruby I love you! I feel blessed to be your mom! You are such a special girl. I hope that you have a great year! Happy number 5 sweet girl!

Love you always and forever,
Your Mom

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