Thursday, August 29, 2013

For Sophie

Dear Sophie,

Happy Birthday to you! I can't believe you are nine! How can it be that I have been a mom for nine whole years. Crazy! You are sweet, and sensitive. Funny, and smart! Life is so much better because you are in it!

Sophie you have grown up so much in the last year. I am so proud of the girl you are becoming! Collin, Ruby, and Lyla think the world of you. They look up to you and love being with you. They miss you so much when you are not here with us. I am grateful for the example you set for them, and I'm so grateful that you guys are such good friends. It is so fun to hear the three (and sometimes four) of you busy in play! Such a special bond you have with one another.

You are an animal lover. If it were up to you our home would be swarming with pets. You recently told us you wanted to live on a farm when you grow up. York is your pal. And he loves so much. You always say you are his favorite person in the family, and you are right! You insisted that he be a part of you birthday pictures.  I love the way he brought out your personality. You have to pet every animal we pass by. And you remember all of their names. Earlier this Spring, you wanted a chick, and just recently you begged for a bunny. You stomped your foot and threw a little fit when your Dad and I told you no way!

Along with real animals, you have a love for stuffed animals. They are by far your favorite toy to play with. You have so many. Each one of them holds a special memory or place in your heart. You can't stand the thought of getting rid of just a few. Sometimes Mom puts a few in the basement to free up some space in your room, but it isn't too long before they are all back up in your room.

Sophie you are so much fun to be around! You have the greatest laugh. One can't help but to laugh right along with you. You love to be silly and to tell jokes. You love to listen to music and sing along. You love to read. You love to shop. And you love to eat yummy treats. You love to play with friends and get lost in imaginary play. You love to cuddle and you give the best hugs!

Love you so much sweet girl! I'm grateful you are mine. You are such a blessing.

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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Happy Birthday! You truly are a fun girl!