Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For Lyla

Dear Lyla,

Oh Lyla Bug! You are two years old. The cutest two year old I know! And the busiest two year old I know! You bring so much laughter and joy into our family. We don't know what we would do without your.

Your latest obsession is babies. You love to feed them and put them to bed. My heart melts each time I see you carry a baby around and hear you say "baby so cute!" You have a bunch and each one holds a special place in your heart. You are also still obsessed with your binky and lovie. We have learned to never leave home without them...or a sippy cup of water!

You are the busiest baby ever. You never stop moving. Rarely do you sit and play with toys. Perhaps that is why you are so drawn to babies. You can throw them in a stroller and take them with you. We like to call you Godzilla because you move through out the house making messes wherever you go! Even though you are so busy, you still enjoy being held and give some really good snuggles every now and then! Which is oh so nice.

You are such a good talker and can communicate just about anything you want to. Sometimes we can't understand you the way you want us to and that makes you sad, but for the most part you can tell us anything and everything you want! You are very into colors right now and are constantly pointing at things saying "green!" You also like to point out letters and say "a-a-e-e!" Such a smart girl you are.

Right now you aren't a very good eater and many days I think you survive on chocolate milk alone. But you aren't the first child in the family to go through this phase and I know that soon enough you will be eating up a storm again soon! You are a pretty good sleeper, but still wake us up occasionally to cover you up or give you a binky.  

Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you so so much!


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