Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 18, 2013. Lyla's Happy Day!

During Collin's birthday, Lyla picked up 'Happy Day' instead of 'Happy Birthday.' She has been randomly singing "Happy Day to You!" ever since then. So when we told her it was her 'Happy Day' she knew just what we were talking about. The day before her actual birthday she was happy and excited about it. However on her birthday, she repeatedly told us "No!" everytime we would sing it to her. Luckily though, she was all for it during her party and enjoyed us celebrating her. And believe me, she is worth celebrating!!!

We had a little party with both sets of Grandparents and even Aunt Amy! We had pizza, presents and cake! Lyla doesn't like cake so I went with a donut cake instead. I thought it turned out so cute and it was so easy I think I might just try to convince all my kids they want donut cakes every year for their birthdays! She loved opening presents but was quickly distracted with the neat things she had already opened and then she wanted nothing to do with opening any more! The bigger kids were pretty pleased that they were able to help her open them. She loved all her gifts but by far her favorites have been her baby and stroller and her bubble blower princess carriage.

^^^Lyla couldn't help but sneak some tastes of her donut cake and I was putting it together and taking pictures^^^
 Love her little hands in that shot

^^^I love how her eyes are slightly crossed looking at her candles^^^

Such a special day celebrating such a special girl!
Love you Lyla!
Happy Day!

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