Thursday, March 14, 2013

February 24, 1013. Disney Land!

A little back story: Ruby has been dying to go to Disneyland to dance with Belle for months. She has even had a suitcase packed with her Belle dress up. I just knew she would love Disneyland and that she was at the perfect age! So Logan and I planned a little last minute trip. We wanted to go before Spring Breaks started and before the Summer rush, so it ended up being a little last minute! But oh so fun!!! We kept the trip a secret from the kids so they would be surprised. It was so much fun to wake them up and tell them we were doing to disneyland!

Our first day at the parks, we went to Disneyland. I just love the atmosphere of Disneyland. The music, the decorations, the characters, the souvenirs. I love walking in and soaking it all up! It's just so magical! The day really was perfect! Of course there were tantrums, and crying. But overall, we had so much fun! Ruby was kind of in a silly mood, she didn't really want to ride on any rides. She just wanted to sit in the stroller and hold her new loved souvenir, Lady. She did however, love the teacups and the carousel. The bigger kids loved everything they went on and enjoyed riding on the bigger rides that they had never been on before. They also loved spending their souvenir money and watching the parade. Belle told Ruby how much she liked her dress from atop her float. So special!! Lyla was an angel and handled being in the stroller or someones arms the entire time really well! I tried to get a picture of the family in font of the castle, but it didn't work out like I was envisioning. Ruby was upset about something, and the kids were all over the peace signs! Oh well! Such a fun day! It's so fun to experience it all with my kiddos! Up next, California Adventures, where Ruby's dream comes true!!!

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