Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 16, 2013. Spa Day!

Last Saturday Collin and Logan were getting ready to go racing. Sophie was so dissappointed. She wanted the boys to stay home so we could "do something fun." I knew that I had to make our afternoon extra fun and special. So I created the Day Spa!! Both Sophie and Ruby loved it. We started off with facials. I didn't have any sort of face mask, so I decided to use chocolate fudge sauce. Yummy! Ruby did't want anything to do with the face mask or the cucumbers.  They're scary I guess. They had their finger and toe nails painted and by the end felt totally pampered!!! So much fun. After all that relaxation, the girls thought it was totally necessary to go get some frozen yogurt! So we did that too!! I sure do love these girls.

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