Friday, January 11, 2013

Ringing in the New Year!

New Years Eve this year was such a blast.  Probably one of the best I have had in a long time.  It was spent at home with the kiddos and was pretty low key, but oh so much fun! The whole night was a little last minute for me. Had I planned it more in advance I might have picked up a few things that would have made it more festive. Because I am that way. Not because it needed it!  Next year I'm thinking a balloon drop at midnight!!! 

I set the clocks forward two hours so the kids thought they were staying up until midnight, but in reality, they only stayed up until ten.  A win win! They got to stay up late, and I still got to enjoy some alone time with Logan.  I created six activities for the kids to do and put them each in a paper bag. Every hour the kids got to open a bag and do the activity!  So easy, but so exciting!

At 7:00 we created noisemakers to shake at midnight. Paper plates, markers, and dried beans.  So simple but so much fun! They were a hit!

At 8:00 we made cookies and drank hot cocoa.  I prepared the dough earlier in the day so all the kids had to to was put them on the cookie sheets, wait a few minutes for them to bake, and enjoy!  They were yummy!!!

 At 9:00 we watched a movie.  I tried to rent one earlier that day, but every single family friendly movie at the local Redbox was rented so we watched one that we got for Christmas.  The kids were happy and enjoyed the movie and popcorn! Even York got in on the action!

At 10:00 we had a dance party!!!  The kids LOVE to turn off the lights, push the table to the side of the room, and get their groove on! So much fun!!!

At 11:00 we each created 4 goals for the New Year.  I was surprised how much the kids enjoyed doing this.  They came up with some great goals!

And at 12:00 Midnight, we rang in the New Year with a toast and shook our noise makers we made earlier that night.  The kids ran around like crazies and thought they were the coolest kids ever for staying up until midnight!  

 I sure do love these guys and am so grateful for the blessed year we had and look forward to spending another great year together!
Happy New Year!

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