Thursday, December 6, 2012

For Ruby

Dear Ruby,

I blinked and you grew up!  I was putting you to bed the other night, tucking you in tight, and I looked at you and couldn't believe how big you have grown.  I can't believe you are 4!  Even though you are not the youngest in our family, I often times still think of you as my baby.  Many times I lovingly call you "baby" and you quickly correct me that you are not a baby.  And you aren't.  You are growing and changing each day.

You are a silly little girl.  You love to dance and prance around the house.  You love to be in your pajamas, especially your silky nightgowns.  You are obsessed with bandaids and think they make everything better. When you have one on, there is no convincing you to take it off.  You love your momma the most (right now) and want her to be the one to do everything for you.  You don't want any help from daddy! Sigh!  You love being a big sister and being motherly.  You can't wait to grow up and be a mom with your own kids! Your favorite color is pink and you love the wear skirts.  Such a girly girl! You love to color and play with your toys!

At four years old, you are quite independent when you want to be. Often times we are holding people up entering and exiting building because you have to be the one to open the big heavy door. You have to be the one to put on your coat.  You have to be the one to put on your pajamas. Yet there are times when you won't do anything for yourself.  A small task can become quite the ordeal as you refuse to do even the simplest of things that you were so willing to do the day before!

Ruby you are quite the social bug! You have a group of friends that you love to play with.  They mean a lot to you and you look forward to the time you get to spend with them. You were so excited to have a friend birthday this year.  You love going to school. You like your teacher and the friends that you have made there.  You love telling jokes and stories about your day! You always have something to say and like having the floor.  You are often times telling Sophie and Collin that it is your turn to talk!

Ruby Jane we love you so much.  You are such a blessing in our lives.  I am so glad that I get to be your mom! Happy fourth birthday sweet girl!

Your Momma

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