Friday, October 26, 2012

October 25, 2012. First Snow!

We had our first snow yesterday.  While I was a little bummed to be seeing snow already (can't it wait until after Halloween?) the kids were over the moon excited about it.  They couldn't wait to go out in the white stuff before school.  I think they may have went to school with soaking wet feel (a good reminder to me that I need to buy them all new boots this year!). And although I am not quite ready for the cold and snow...I was just sitting on the beach in Puerto Vallarta two days before this...seeing and hearing my kids excitement made it seem welcome!

Logan snapped these pictures after school.  Let's reflect that Collin just finished building a snowman in shorts and flip flops!  He sure was excited for the snow, but maybe he isn't quite ready for winter! At least he had his coat on!!

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