Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July13, 2012

 Our last day of vacation was spent at Wind Cave National Park.
I think this was Collin's most favorite activity we did.  We took a tour inside the cave and went down 300 stairs.  At first the kids were a little scared and weren't quite sure about it.  Poor Logan had to carry Ruby through the entire thing.  She fell down earlier in the morning scraping both of her knees and refused to walk the entire day! 
While at Wind Cave, Collin worked hard at completing all the requirements to be a junior ranger and earned himself another badge.

After Wind Cave, we headed to Reptile Gardens.
Sophie had been dying to go here since the minute she saw it on our drive to the hotel the first day.  It was a neat place full of great shows.  

Sophie got chosen out of the audience to help with the bird show. She was so fun to watch up on stage.

After all that plus some swimming back at the hotel, we were worn out and ready to sleep in our own beds.  We ended up coming home a day earlier than originally planned, but we felt like we got to see and do it all.  Two thumbs up for great vacations!!!

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