Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 24, 2012. Sophie's Eighth Birthday Party!!

Sophie turned eight years old!  
I can't believe my first baby is eight!
What a beautiful, smart, funny girls she is!

For her birthday this year Sophie had quite the list.  Unfortunately for her, she didn't get everything that was on it.  Fortunately though, Santa knows exactly what she wants come Christmas time!!!
She did however get many great and wonderful things that she LOVES!  Lots of electronic pets, some fun crafts, and a new bike from mom and dad!

For her birthday, she requested lunch at Sizzler so we did that and then we went on a fun family bike ride!

Her party this year was an almost sleepover party!  
She had a bunch of her cute girl friends over and they did all those things that girls like to do!
Stay up late, eat pizza, glitter nails, and a movie with popcorn!!!

The girls also tie dyed shirts...

and decorated door hangers for their bedroom door.

Of course there were presents and cake and ice cream too!
Sophie was so cute opening presents.  After she unwrapped each one she told that friend "thank you" and gave her a big hug!!

Blowing out 8 candles was a lot of work, 
but nothing that my big girl couldn't handle!!

Happy Birthday Sophie!
I hope all your birthday wishes come true!!!

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