Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a month in photos...June 2012


I can't believe it is July already.  The year is half over! The days, weeks, and months are flying by.  I realized when putting my month in photos together just how much of a slacker I have been at taking out my camera and capturing the everyday.  In fact, I didn't take one picture of Ruby the entire month of June!!  I'll have to be better because it is so much fun to look back and see all that we have done!

During the month of 
June 2012...

Sophie and Collin had their last day of school
we visited the splash pad for some cooling off
we played at home...Lyla like to play under the table!
Sophie started horseback riding lessons
Sophie had her ballet recital
and we played with the slip and slide

Welcome July!!
The month of birthdays, parades, vacations, and fun!!


Pieni Lintu said...

That baby under the chair shot was my favorite, how cute!!!

Amy said...

I have to agree with Pieni LOL :) JUST ADORABLE!