Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mad Scientist Party :: Collin's 6th Birthday

With Collin's LOVE of science, it only made sense to have a 
Mad Scientist Party!!
and party we did!

Collin had a blast experimenting and creating messes with a few of his good friends.
I have never seen so much energy as these boys had.
They were craaazy!

Thanks to Steve Spangler Science and Pinterest, this party was a success!!

the party invitations were a free download from Living Locorto

Collin LOVED these test tubes...he has plans for many more experiments with them in the future!!

Experiment #1
Make Snow
Just by adding water we made fluffy artificial snow in seconds
So cool!

Experiment #2
Soda Pop Geyser
Collin thought this was awesome!!
With the Geyser Tube it was super easy and worked great. 
I couldn't believe how high it went!

A week or so after his party Logan was asking Collin if he had ever seen a geyer before.  
Collin responded "yes Daddy! and you have too! in our front yard!"
I thought that was pretty cute.

Experiment #4 
Blow Up a Balloon
Using a water bottle, some vinegar, and baking soda we were able to blow up balloons
I think this was one of my favorite experiments.

Experiment #5
Using the inta-worm kit the boys made worms.
They had a blast with the the wet slippery little guys.

Next we took a break and opened presents
Collin was spoiled with so many great presents.
I love the way his cute little friends all huddled around him to see what he got.

Experiment #6
Decorate a Cupcake
I had the kids all decorate their own cupcake.
They got to choose their frosting and what ever candy they wanted to top it with
It was a hit!!

 Experiment #7
Color Mixing
I think this was the biggest hit among the boys...
they asked to do it over and over again.
Such a cool effect with just a little milk, food coloring, a q-tip, and some dish soap
Fun, Fun!!

After that I was worn out!!
But it was worth it to see this boys smile!
Happy 6th Birthday Collin!

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