Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lyla, Month X

I have been slow at posting this ... Lyla is already 11 months old.  But I had to record her 10 month letter.  Hopefully soon I will have 11 months done.  Time is flying by too quickly.  Before I know it, she will be a year.

To My Lyla:

Oh baby girl!  At 10 months you are so full of spunk, and personality.  You know what you want and just how to get it.  You are sweet and stubborn.  And we love you to pieces.  

You never stop moving.  Ever.  You will want to be held and then proceed to climb all over the person holding you.  You have mastered the art of real crawling now and are pulling up to anything and everything.  I just know that all too soon you will be standing on your own and taking a few steps.  

You have started waving and it is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.  You wave at random people we see and even at yourself in the mirror.  So cute!  You are talking up a storm, but haven't said any real words yet.  At times you can be quite loud and will burst out with a string of sounds like you have something important to say... and I'm sure you do!

It has been quite the month for sleeping.  We had to lower your crib mattress and you scream every time we lay you down.  I have had to show you some tough love and let you cry it out on more than a few occasions.  I think teething is part of your problem (you are getting your top two front teeth in) but  whatever it is, I hope it ends soon.  It's a good thing that your cute !!!

You haven't been much of a sleeper this month, but you have become quite the eater.  You are loving your baby food, working on some finger foods, and gobbling up those bottles of yours.  I am already getting sad thinking about you not taking a bottle anymore.  I treasure the time I get to hold you in my arms while you suck away and play with my hair.  

Speaking of hair.  You love to pull it!!  You are pulling hair any chance you get.  Poor Ruby is on high alert any time she is close to you.  She knows you have a plan to get her hair.  And you are usually successful coming out with a whole fistful.  Thank goodness she handles it well most of the time!!!  It's funny because you have always pulled hair.  When you were just a tiny baby I would lay you on the floor and all of a sudden you would start screaming because you were pulling your own hair.  Such a silly girl!

We love you Lyla.  We feel so blessed to have you as part of our family.  Happy 10 months little bug.

Love always and forever,
Your Momma

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