Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 11, 2012

Way back when...we took a family vacation to South Dakota!  Our original plans of heading to Seattle, visiting family, and living it up in the city changed abruptly when the flights to Seattle were full.  So to South Dakota we went.  And it was a blast.  

Our fist adventure was to Bear Country USA.
We saw all kinds of animals up close in the comfort and safety of our own car.  The kids thought it was great and loved moving around the car to get a better look out of each others windows.  After driving through the park, we were able to stop, get out and look at the baby bears.  They were very playful and put on a good show.  I thought they were so cute and couldn't get enough of the little guys climbing the trees.  The kids of course had a blast looking in the gift shop and spending their money.  Seriously, I think the only requirement they have for a good vacation is souvenirs!!

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