Sunday, July 15, 2012

For Collin

Dear Collin,

I can't believe that you are six years old.  Where has the time gone.  I spent most of your birthday teasing you that you were turning three because really... how can you be six already!  You assured me though that you indeed were six.  So far you are loving being a year older.

Collin at six years old you love learning.  Especially science.  You love anything about volcanoes, space, dinosaurs, and exploration.  At night during story time we settle down to read and you always choose a non fiction book full of many fact and interesting tidbits that you delight in.

You finished up your Kindergarten year and are looking forward to being a first grader in a class full of your favorite friends.  School has come easy to you this past year and it makes me so happy to see you coming out of your shell.  You are particularly interested in math and telling time right now.

You have become quite the bike rider and have developed a new hobby with your Dad.  Together you and him race BMX bikes and you love it.  You have won several trophies and look forward to the nights when you get to race with your Dad.  I am glad that you get to share this love with him.

You have become all boy and want very little to do with the girly things your sisters play.  You want to run and jump and ride your bike and be loud.  You rarely sit still, but when you do Legos are your activity of choice.  You can put together any set that is placed before you with little to no help.  You love to stay busy and are constantly looking for things to do.  The words "I'm bored" come out of your mouth almost every day.

You are such a sweet boy with a kind heart.  We love you.  Happy sixth birthday bud!!
Love always and forever,
Your Mommy

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