Monday, June 11, 2012

Lyla, Month IX

To My Lyla:

It's been 9 months of cuddling, swaddling, and squirming.  9 months of crying laughing, and talking.  9 months of feeding you, putting you to sleep, and changing your diapers.  9 months of you!  And time is flying.  You have been born for as long as I was pregnant with you and somehow it seems to have gone twice as fast.  You are growing up so quickly.  What a sweet, fun, and sometimes challenging little lady you have become.

This past month you learned to sit up on your own...and there is NO keeping you down now. Diaper changes just became a lot more challenging. As have things like bed time, bath time, and getting you dressed. You are a wiggler and like to be on the move, all the time!

Napping has been my biggest challenge this month with you.  Your naps have been short and by the end of the day both you and I are frazzled.  I hope that this is just a that we will overcome soon!  But despite this challenge, you are happy most of the time and love to be in on all the action.

My favorite thing about you this month is your loves.  You are not cuddly by any means, but my heart bursts each time you lean your little head into me for a kiss or a little squeeze.  They don't last long, but I think it is something that we both love!

I love you Lyla.  What a blessing you are.  Happy 9 months baby girl!!
Your Momma

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