Friday, May 4, 2012

potty training

We have been doing some potty training around here the past few weeks.  For the most part it has been successful, however there has yet to be any poop in the potty.  I got Ruby this new potty doll and some fun little prizes and we made a day of it.  She enjoyed choosing her prize each time she went and playing with her new doll all through out the day.  My hope was for her to be trained in one day (we have been working on it off and on for months) and for the most part she is trained...if only she would poop in the potty.  sigh!


Amy said...

We are having the same pooping problem with Madeline. She is completely trained (during the day) but WILL NOT poop in the toilet. Has Ruby started yet and if so, did you do anything?

Jenn said...

No, Ruby hasn't started pooping in the potty yet. In fact, I just went back to diapers. It had been a solid month and I was sick and tired of cleaning up poopy underwear. I would rather change a poopy diaper. So we are back to diapers for a little while linger. I hope you have better success with Madeline than we had with Ruby!! Good luck!