Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lyla, Month VIII

To my Lyla:

I have been so slow to sit down and write you your eight month letter.  You are now nine months, but I still want to record what you were like at eight months old.  It was a big month for you.  Your biggest accomplishment was that you learned how to crawl.  Well, army crawl.  One day you were laying on the floor just content as can be playing with your toys and the next you were making your way across my kitchen floor.  You rarely ever sit still anymore.  You want very little to do with your toys and would much rather move around looking for anything and everything to put in your mouth.  You are a human vacuum and mop!!

You have also love to be  outside.  If one of the kids leaves the door open...which is all the time...you make a mad dash for it completely disregarding any and all stairs that might be in your way.  If you are outside, you are happy!  The only down side to taking you outside is that you love picking the grass and eating it.   Without fail, you gag on it and throw up.  I have had to resort to bringing your jumper outside to keep those grabby little fingers away from the lawn.

You have become quite the copycat and the kids love it!  The spend a good portion of their day shaking their heads back and forth or clapping their hands in hopes that you will do it too!  You usually do and in response they give you a great big laugh.  Making you want to do it all the more.

You have 2 teeth now and I keep thinking another one will pop through shortly but nothing yet.  It seems that I like to place the blame for your fussiness lately on teeth.  You want to be held a lot...but not cuddled...and you have been having a rough time getting yourself to sleep.

Your hair continues to be curly and is lightening up quite a bit.  I wonder if it will end up blonde like your big sister Ruby's is?  You sure are cute.  I can't help but smile every time I look at you.

We all love you to pieces Lyla Bug!  Happy 8 months!
All my love,
Your Momma

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