Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a month in photos...January

At the start of the year, I really wanted to do a picture a day project.  While I do take out my camera on most days, there are days, weeks even where I don't and I just knew that it was going to stress me out.  And with a new baby I knew that I really didn't need to add one more thing to my already long list of things that may or may not get done.  So when I came across the month in photos from simple as that I was stoked.  This was just what I needed.   A less stress photo project that captures my kids, our life, and still lets me work on my photography skills!  Hooray!!!

So here it it...January in photos!

In January we spent a lot of time at home...
...celebrating Dad's birthday...we love him!
...painting our toe nails
...reading stories
...doing everyday things...bath time
...legos, legos, and more legos
...playing with toys
...and enjoying one another

there was also...
...BMX races for Logan and Collin
...SEP conferences...the kids are doing so well in school visits...well checks ups!
...weight watchers meetings
...and ballet for Sophie


Bobbi Sharp said...

Adorable! I love crib shot.

rebecca said...

that crib shot is one of my favourites Jenn! :) love it. thanks for sharing your month in photos with us.

Laura said...

What a beautiful collage - and darling family! Your kids are too cute.

Jennifer Levin said...

There are few things yummier than little toes! I love your photos! Thanks for sharing! ~Jennifer