Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lyla, Month V

To My Lyla:

As I sit here writing this letter to you, you sit contentedly on my lap.  At 5 months, you are such a happy content long as you are being held.  You LOVE to be in someones arms.  And who can resist your chubby cheeks, big eyes, and fly away hair!  If I don't quickly come to your rescue, your Daddy or big sister, Sophie does.

Although you are held a lot, you have mastered the art of rolling.  For several weeks you have been rolling from your back to your tummy always getting upset that you were stuck on your dreaded tummy.  But in the last couple of days, you have learned just how to go from your tummy to your back.  Each time it startles you but if I follow it with a "Yeah Lyla!" you seem pretty pleased with yourself.

My favorite thing about you this month is the way you flap your arms and kick your legs in excitement when you see something that you like.  It is the cutest thing ever.  I go get you from a flap your arms and kick your legs.  I come into the room while you are playing on the flap your arms and kick your legs.  Your sisters and brothers do a little dance to entertain flap your arms and kick your legs.  I can't get enough of it.  I hope it isn't something that you quite doing anytime soon!

I love you to he moon and back!  Happy 5 months baby girl!
Your Momma

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Jess Judkins said...

Lyla is a cute little love bug!
I just posted a picture the other day (from when Judah was 5 months) and he was doing the same (eating his feet)