Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nutcracker

One of Sophie's wants this Christmas was to go see the Nutcracker ... and Logan made it happen.  He purchased two tickets for Sophie and I to go!  It was such a fun night hanging out with my girl!

She was sooOOo excited!  We dressed up all fancy like and headed off to the ballet.  She could barely contain herself when she saw the Capital Theatre all lit up with giant Nutcrackers in the window.  

We were a little early so we went across the street and indulged in some yummy hot cocoa and creme brulee! 


Sophie took a couple sip of her hot cocoa and then danced around the little restaurant  showing me all of her ballet steps she has been learning in her class.

Soon it was time to head inside ... but not without some pictures!  I just love her excited smile!

Once inside she couldn't think about anything but a nutcracker souvenir.  She had a hard time deciding between a tree ornament or an actual nutcracker.  Ultimately she chose the nutcracker and it hasn't left her side yet!

I was pleasantly surprised by just how much she like the performance.  She sat and watched intently the entire time clapping along with the audience at the appropriate times.  One of my favorite moments was watching her wave back to Mother Buffoon.  She loved every minute of it!

On the ride home we sang Christmas carols and talked about our favorite parts of the night.  I love my little lady and I am so glad that I was able to spend the evening with her.  Thanks babe for putting it all together for us!

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