Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lyla, Month IV

To My Lyla:

It's time for your 4 month letter.  You are growing up too quickly.  I am truly treasuring each and every minute I get to spend with you.  I want to freeze time.  Make it so you can't grow up, and yet I know that isn't fair...or possible.  With your sister, Sophie, I was always wishing for the future, but with you I just want to stay little forever.  And ever.

Your eating has improved soooo much this past month.  I am finally not having to force you to eat every. single. bottle. only some of them!  And you are quite the picky little eater.  You only want your bottles from mommy.  No way will you take one from daddy.  It seems that often times you are more content to chew on your fists than you are to take a bottle.  But there are those times where you do surprise me and scream out that you are hungry!  But despite these feeding issues, you are gaining weight well and and growing good, so I am happy.

You love company.   Whenever you are left in a room alone, you talk out and scream until someone comes in.  Just this morning you woke up super early.  I fed you and put you in your swing when your eyes told me that you were not interested in going back to sleep any time soon.  I went back to my room hoping to get some more sleep before the other kids woke up, but before long you were screaming out.  I came into your room, laid on the bed where you could see me and went to sleep.  You were quiet as can be.  You just needed someone to be with you!  Your sisters and brothers are also really good at keeping you company.  Almost daily they surround you with toys and entertain you as best they can.  Quite often I will find Sophie carrying you around.  This always gives me a small heart attack as I am afraid she is going to accidentally drop you, but you don't seem to be afraid and rather like her toting you around.

This past month you have found your feet.  If your hands aren't in your mouth, they are usually holding on to your feet.  I think it is the cutest thing ever.  I can't wait until I capture it with my camera!  You still aren't rolling, although I can't help but think that with all the physical therapy we have been doing for your torticollis {which is coming along nicely!} that you will be soon.  But truly I am okay with you not being mobile yet!

You are simply adored by everyone.  Happy four months Lyla Bug!
Your Momma

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