Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lyla, Month III

To My Lyla:

You are three months old!  How can that be?  You are growing and changing each and every day.  You have become quite the content little lady and you are rarely fussy like you once were.  You are smiling more and more, cooing lots, and even laughing some ... although every. single. time. I get you to laugh you get the hiccups!

You sleep well ... although you haven't slept through the night in quite a while {maybe you could work on that some more!}  You no longer cry each and every time we get in the car.  Yeah!  You are starting to become interested in toys.  And you rolled over onto your tummy once all on your own.  It must have been a total accident because you haven't done it again!  

You are the cutest baby!  I can't get enough of your cheeks ... I pretty much kiss them all day.  And your thighs ... especially your left one ... I love them.  The sight of those baby rolls makes me want to squeal.  They are so cute!  Your little fingers and toes ... perfect!  I love when you eat how you will often hold onto my fingers.  Your hair is getting lighter and you seem to be losing it now.  I am afraid that you may soon be sporting a bald spot in the back.  

You struggle in the eating area.   For some reason you don't like to eat these days.  Especially in the morning.  Mommy feels like she is forcing you to eat at almost every feeding.  Despite your eating strike you are still happy and continuing to gain weight.  I guess I am forcing you to eat just the right amount!  I really hope you take an interest in eating again soon.

You have been battling eczema lately and because of this I have been slathering you in creams and lotions each night and it has quickly become my favorite time of the day.  You blow raspberries, laugh, kick and coo in delight the entire time.  I think you are definitely ticklish!

Here's to three great months my little monkey!
Your Momma

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